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As a child she was naive enough to believe everybody was a winner in some way, shape, or form, without thinking too hard about what the concept meant.

If everybody won, that was the same as saying everybody lost. A general blanket statement to reassure children of their(more)
Everything. Is. Mental.

Your panic attacks, the stress threatening to bury you, those momentary lapses in concentration -

Focus harder. That's all it is. Everything. Is. Mental.

The anxiety over tests, the worry about friendships and relationships, pain over an old, strained muscle -
For a fleeting moment time froze, and all he saw was her face turning away from him, pain and sadness ruining her fragile complexion.

A mistake - misspoken words, an unintended connotation paired with the wrong time, wrong place - and she was shaking her head, gasping and(more)
When she looks at her older brother, she sees happiness and joy and love for his new wife, Julia. He doesn't know she's seen the marks on Julia's skin, just barely covered by the fabric of the white dress.

When she looks at her younger brother, she sees(more)
They say the red string of fate can be twisted and tangled, stretched and shrunk, but it will never break. How many people are still naive enough to believe in such a thing?

Those that have felt love often feel heartbreak too. They thought that their other perso(more)
Garrett stared at the shattered porcelain on the floor. He was dead. He was so, so dead. When Mom found out how the plate had been broken, he'd be grounded for his entire life and he'd never see a video game console or remote ever again.
"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me."  

What a lie.  

She learned the phrase when she was 6; great wisdom like that stuck to her heart like the A+ sticker on her spelling test - proud and condescending over the ignorance(more)
The flats. The dress pants. The white button up, all the way to the collar. The blue tie from dad's closet, half-windsor style.
Flipping around the feminine dress paradigm, that's right. Bam. Somebody's ready for a concert. Looking classy and refined, only as a percussionist can. Ready to roc(more)
Flat rocks, skimming over water. The search to find the perfect stone, round and just big enough to fit comfortably in your hand. Flicking your wrist with a flourish and watching them go.

Plip. Plop. Plip. 3 times, a new record. For the last time, your dad yells(more)
Do I have to? I already ran on Sunday. Monday I was doing the snow day ritual in freaking April, which didn't even work. Today, Tuesday, it's too cold to. But running will warm me up. But I want to finish the episode of the Korean Drama I'm on...(more)
There's no way I can let my dad go to war. Not anymore. With a leg injury and old bones, he'll just be wiped out and our family will lose its head. Besides, we don't have a strong male to go other than him.

I'm the blood of(more)
Remember when I kept on catching you looking at me in band class? When you would tease me and pretend you could play a drum roll, except your technique was totally off and we were both laughing and you got yelled at to sit in the right seat? (more)
When you're in fifth grade, and life is still fun and innocent, and all that "stresses" your small brain out is acing a history test you didn't study for (one that you didn't need to study for), cheating is taboo to the soul. Especially when you have Chinese parents,(more)
Following you. Almost sounds like falling for you. And maybe those are the one and same thing; following and falling for someone who inevitably has a long string of followers that have fallen for you too....
Following you. Into a deep abyss of abrupt conversations, sudden compliments, cheesy jokes(more)