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“Hey. Them looks like they'll fit. Gimme a hand here Lem,” said William, in his distinct Southern drawl.

The two young men, dressed in battered gray uniforms, scrambled up to a mangled body in blue. William wiped his bloody hands on his frock-coat, then grabbed one of the(more)
I envy you. You noisy black bastard. There you stand in the middle of the road, indignantly staring upward towards me, as if to say, “Fuck-off human. I'll shove my damn beak in your eye.” And you would too, if I gave you half-a-chance. I know it.
To a friend,
To a stranger,
To a loved one, or the jerk on the corner,

It is an act that is free,
That was it. They were done. All three-hundred and ninety-six of them.

It had taken Clark most of the day to process all of the files that were in his in-box; but he had gotten them done with about fifteen minutes to spare. I ought to relax, he(more)
Pick love or safety -
Fear overcome by Joy, or
Heart's isolation
Facing your partner
Left foot forward, now your right
Sweet music marks the time -
“Where's your receipt,” he said.

Kate dug through her purse. “I don't know. I think Susan paid for our drinks.”

“Well. What about dinner? Did she pay for dinner too?”

“No. But, I don't always keep my receipts dammit.”

Greg stood over Kate as she(more)
Her breath in morning
Left eyes closed in pain
A fist to the temple
Picked fresh from a tree
The yellow lemons I squeezed
Into a pitcher
Early awakening
Quiet knock at apartment door
Unknown face of Spring:
When I was a child, both my brother and I had Tonka Trucks. They were big, yellow, and made from metal that could seriously hurt a child. Nonetheless, they were a great pastime for little boys in the Seventies. I don't remember playing with mine as if it were(more)
Evelyn doddered down the commercial-gray carpet of the antiseptic south-wing corridor. Running her right hand along the wall and using a cane in the other was her choice for stability. Others preferred to use the handrail. But, for the ninety-two year old, the cool glossy paint felt alive underneath(more)
She walked down the catwalk with a terse look about her face. No emotion. No expression. They were not allowed to smile. This was about the clothing. “Let it hang,” he said. “I want people to see what I have made. Not you. Not your body. Nothing but the(more)