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Saturday afternoon was exceptionally busy for can returns at our central Oregon Albertson's. In '94, they hadn't yet figured out how to automate deposit refunds, so we'd spent most of the day digging through garbage bags full of soda cans, sorting them while counting, and issuing refund slips. (more)
In the new(ish)ly added forward to Stephen King's revised editions of the first 3 Dark Tower novels, he writes:

"I think novelists come in two types... Those who are bound for the more literary or 'serious' side of the job examine every possible subject in light of this(more)
The progress bar on the ancient laptop crept right on its slow and steady journey, only this time she wasn't sure it'd win the race. 59%.

"Metro police!" The voice was calm but authoritative, muffled through 3 inches of hardwood.

"come ooonn..." she whispered, although she didn'(more)
"Where will we go?" The question hung in the air for an eternity. Lucas sat on the top bunk, leaned against the wall of the shelter. Martin could see he was exhausted, but the question in his eyes had brightened his thinning face, which made it all that much(more)
"Get down!!"

A second before they had heard the great crack as the roof and part of the south wall imploded under the pressure. Tricia had barely hit the deck when the jagged end of a shattered support strut tore through the weakened drywall, swinging through the space(more)
A wave of pain crashed into the backs of his eyes, then reverberated backward and gathered at the point where the butt of the .45 had struck his skull. The room went dark and the voices slurred together, lost in a cacophony of blaring agony tearing through his brain.(more)
     The décor in the ballroom bordered on gaudy. The walls were draped in alternating burgundy and gold crushed velvet, accented along the top edge by strands of questionably authentic pearls. Tables around the rim were draped in similar colors and each supported a hefty blown-glass vase of long-stemm(more)