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They did it
They did it
Created a pile of stupid
And hid it
Inside your head
Hen pecks your eye out
Squats make your thighs stout
People from beneath the Earth
Cheer my sudden gout bout
Hen clears your glass rim
Ronald on the cracked limb (more)
Got a pencil, wear it down,
Crush the people on the ground,
Like Bad Ronald, no emmotions,
Sail your ship across the ocean,

Poor poor Ronald, (more)
Save some for me, at the end of the day, leave some fumes in your tank, and a light in the cave, a trail of crumbs, to follow the trail, a key to the lock of the cell in this jail.... save some for me.
Dirt caked into nothing again
Lost campfire
Desire propelled in confusion,
Lefty breaknbanked again,
Freeze solar magnolia,
Tongues licking the pen, (more)
Let me go, there's something that I should be doing, but I don't remember what it is or who I am anymore.

Let me go, there's something nagging at me me to turn around and run back to safety.
This is why we dance,
This is why we lose our keys,
This is why we watch the damned television,
This is why we stare into the distance,
This is why we spread gossip,
This is why we live beyond our means, (more)
Out into the cowfields,
Out into the open,
Out into the heart ache,
This thought of you is broken.
Tight skirt short or gone,
Deep thought parade things gone wrong,
Cautious in nothing and stamped out in dirt,
Lost in the villiage or loosing self-worth,
Tight skirt true magnet,
Fail in the same, (more)
Big ,open ,wide ,century old, never say die, ask about it later, false sense of minority, placid, flaccid ,and gone. Manic stranglehold, destiny lost, silent endeavor, torn, spindle or mutilate at all cost. Grinderpump, settled to Earth, no soft landing, blinded at birth. Catch the thought, enormous worth, flow(more)
This Harvest

Barbie dolls and basketballs, and tiny bikes and sleepless nights, and first real colds and life unfolds, and daughters two, trips to the zoo, and make-up kits, shoes no longer fit, and getting taller all the time, and looking forward to some time, to talk to(more)
The More You Know

         Forced hot air. Curtains ripple to reach the lost thoughts of just a moment ago. Lists of things to desire or fear.. or hold hands with. Every gift imaginable has been given you. Every talent thrown down a flight of stairs onto you.(more)