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The warlock sighed and pointed all his fingers at the fairly-like creature.  "There are things that *will* happen and things that *must* happen," he said, exasperated. The warlock clenched his grey hair tightly between slender fingers. "It doesn't matter.  You won't get it."

He slumped over in(more)
The sweating was oppressive, and my nerves were shot. But I needed to beat her. Beat her own her own turf and beat her badly. I slammed my fist on the table.
Just one more drink.
I only set him up as a villain because I needed to be her hero, and in that, I was a much greater villain than he.
"But her beauty is short," Jones warned. "She'll come on all seductive and sly like, as a compagnon de prix, whisperin at all the things she'll show ya."

You could see his breath as he spoke.  
The earth was scorched black as far out as you could see.  God's holy reckoning had spared none and countless souls shuffled off in single-file through ashes to his judgment bar.  The going rumor was that the Christ would be appointed as advocate for each person's proceedings.  Even if that we(more)
writing shitty haiku
reveals nothing
but oneself
I used my pistol's barrel to smash the magistrate's powdered wig to his chubby forehead.

"This is treason! Treason, I say! Treason! Treason!!" he blubbered.
“Dammit man, close his eyes! He is staring right through me!”  Jonathan clenched his pocket watch through his three-piece suit. The doctor pulled the eyelids down, but the corpse’s face remained menacing.
The only thing worse than struggling in vain not to scratch was the feeling of self-loathing after I did. When the urge hit, there was no hiding from it.
Our fears like fetters long forgotten, were far below our feet. Now free to reach for heaven when she to reaches back,  can we say that if we knew, would we have raced as far, breathed so deep,  and flown as high?
In this kingdom
Dinner means winning
And defeat, meat.

(thanks for the idea joem18b!)
The bleak winter of 42 was made worse by the quarantine imposed by their small rural town.  Cholera passed cruelly from family to family, but Earl remained uninfected. He was eight, but his beloved two and a half year old brother caught ill, and was taken.
Never empty but ever draining, I watched the sands of time waning. At first too young to mind, at the end my eyes too blind. The years and months never cared for me, or who I wanted yet to be.  So I cared not, never thinking, that my ship was(more)
They knew I was the underdog. They knew I would be laid low by Mike's selfish fists. They knew Jessica would only look down and whisper, "I'm sorry" when I would be bloody and defeated.  Their smug faces showed how well they knew this, even as I straightened up my(more)