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As it always does, the unexpected sound of laughter from behind her makes her shoulders tense. Her mind races through its inventory of every possible defect in her appearance.

"Yeah, that was an awesome show," one of the twenty-somethings says. "The part where he..."

She tunes out(more)
It's a sing-song descending pattern of collisions and evasions, never the same act twice.

Life sometimes feels like falling into one thing after another. Downward motion is compulsory and needs no practice. We fall in love, fall into depression, fall on hard times, and have things fall into(more)
Throwing up is a violent, physical rejection of something which, hours or perhaps mere moments ago, you had permitted to enter your body. It is to be betrayed and to discover the betrayal, and to fly into a panic or a rage.
There's just too much. Her mind grafted to mine, her endless inanities pouring into every last crevice of my consciousness—who would agree to this? Who would knowingly handcuff themselves to someone like her?

Handcuffs—those are a funny, archaic thing. We don't use those anymore; there's no need to(more)
"What gave me away?"

"Your coat." She didn't move; the back of her leather swivel chair continued to block his view of her. "It's not the same one I gave you."
Sally's made more of metal than flesh these days, and she's proud of it. I'm sick of hearing her brag about how she can see every grain of wheat in the fields on the outskirts of town. Sure, she sees more detail than I do with my lowly natural(more)
I knew when Talys left the grounds. I could also estimate how much of the industrial propellant she stole from the nearby lot, based on the footage from the three surveillance cameras.

I didn't care. I couldn't anymore. Capacity for caring: fully depleted. High probability of critical failure.(more)
It was an unseasonably cold autumn day; we were woefully unprepared, shivering in our T-shirts and jeans as we stood waiting at the bus stop.

We both thought of perhaps, possibly, maybe huddling together for warmth, but of course that would've been too forward for either of us(more)
It's a hot summer day, and Jake never wastes a chance to wear his favourite muscle shirt.

He saunters down the street. He's at the top of his game with a ripped body, lustrous and tanned. No-nonsense jeans and wraparound shades. You can't tell if he's burning a(more)
He extols the beauty of a non-deterministic lass. One who'll always surprise him. One who never gets boring.

I grin, leaning forward on the sofa opposite him. Not for me, I say. I'd rather have one who follows a pattern. Of course, it has to be a really(more)
It spoke to her with the most exquisite accent—his accent. In time, she learned to love it, as much as it was incapable of ever returning such a feeling. As much as he had never loved her.

This palm-sized collection of silicon and wires was the only remnant(more)
He had spent the past three weeks regaling me with booming lectures on how doctors were to be regarded with the utmost respect and credulity. Now, as their displeasing letter lay mutely on the coffee table, Gregory paced about the tiny living room and tried to convince me that(more)
The phone rang, but Lori did not trust herself to answer it without exploding at the person on the other end. The answering machine dutifully picked up and took the message.

Several minutes passed as she mentally braced herself. Finally, with a grunt, her finger stabbed the button(more)