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Two men - each from a strange place - waited for the bus. One decided to strike up a conversation to pass the time.

"Unusually hot here, isn't it?"
"I want to go up," I remember saying, "Up, daddy." I point to the ceiling. It leaks from its browning corners but I don't care. I'm just a child and know nothing but the strength of my father's arms and how warmly they embrace.
Lesser known than his brother, Han, Guitar Solo in is a band that plays in Mos Eisley. He plays the fiddle.
To create, another equal thing must be lost. The equation must balance. This is the basic principle of chemistry. I spent my life exercising this principle in glass jars and lined paper, although until two days ago I didn't truly understand.
"Ah!" Said the owl to the oak. "Here you are. I'm so relived to have found you again. Are you still lost?"

"Of course," said the oak.

"That would explain why you are here," Said the owl, looking over the tiny island. "At least you are n(more)
There are two sets of keys to the house, but the other doesn't know about that. He only knows what the second will allow. Which is to say, not much. He doesn't know about the keys or the cameras or the wiretaps. He doesn't even have the slightest idea(more)
Sometimes people hold their breath in moments of panic. In others, it is done before a release of stress. In Juan's case, it was being done because water is a poor substitute for air.

Though, he had only heard about that fact. He never actually tested it. (more)
"You must be lost," Said the Owl to the Oak tree.

"What ever do you mean?" Said the Oak tree, it's emerald branches swaying in the wind.

"If you weren't here, you wouldn't be lost." Owl said.

"Ah!" Exclaimed the Oak, "I see."

"So w(more)
Floating in an ink black void. Her cries echoed against unseen walls. Vultures picked at her numb flesh. That's what it felt like watching four men lower her father into that damned hole. The girl was far too young.

Only months before, she had liked barbies and butterflies(more)
Dave squashed his nose to the glass. His eyes gleamed like a child at a candy store as he peered out from the moonbase. He had read about the gates. He had watched every documentary on their construction. Dave found the narrator's droning had done little to capture the(more)
The young child watched as the wind-up toy sailed into the air, squinting as sunlight battered his eyes. His eyes glimmered as it drove into the cerulean sky. Filled with wonder, he watch as a five-dollar trinket accomplished his impossible dream.
"Well," Said the man in the top hat,"That was inexplicable." The pair stared at the strange girl as she faded into the horizon.

"Hmm," Said the man in the bowler hat, "Yes, quite."
And suddenly, the T.V. became fuzzy. White noise filled the room. A slightly annoyed John fiddled with the remote, smashed buttons without result.

The T.V. finally flickered to life, but it was not the show John had been watching. A crazed man's face filled the screen.

Might be one. Might be two. It might even be seventeen - Robert was never quite sure of these things anymore.

In his prime, Robert had been the foremost authority of all thing math. It was his dominion. People from all over the world asked, begged even, for(more)