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affect your backwards woo:
trace my tendrils tipping
fingers along strands twirling
rouge-lit brunette bands branding
"yours" in unseen ink enticing
fantasies to sink entrenching (more)
so HIGH up there
with you (so i thought)
& fraught
with the worries of wordsmiths
repealed from their task (more)
remnants of a routine morning
float & drift & waft
through tinted seas & streams
of liquid air humidified
by breaming steam
to set off (caffeine) vessels (more)
sli                          p —s
    p                     (more)
for pebbled plots
are marked
with signs of
gone away
& left behind (more)
sheathed over with arrogance
bleating out her beating
little Girl flees satiated
forsaking her feed [though
only presently]; in leave
Child chides, censuring with (more)
she is nothing
—but a memory
& the scent that
                              lingers still
upon my pillowcases—
to me
—she stands her
they waft
& billow in their shine
like distant vapor-brumes
asundered, movement flowing
timed. floating all-impossibly missed (more)
expectations/ of civil human decency
walkin round/ flauntin their/ aintnopoint
realities of NO ONE GIVES & MOVE IT
                    BITCH CANT YOU SEE IM WALKIN
scoffin real quiet to myself/ at this lil joke
you played on me/ how sum beautifully arrogant
in that tiny green purse/ she carry/ on the
leftover opulence of idareyouto comfort
how much can she fit in that lil thing (more)
they couldnt tell me/ said they never knew
& wouldnt/ cuz shed nevr tell
my childhood abuses/ & whether i
waz raped/ or beat/ or touched
where baby girls shld nevr be
though i fear not failed self-duress
i am unnerved to place request
(while simple it may seem—cliché)
instruction in the things i may

may i: (more)
rolling, cross & dot
spilling tea & i
don't bleed through paper
as i once had done
so many pains ago (more)
crushed shambles over you
erected immortal marble
figure fierce in indecisive
flattery of wrong
right as precise as those
memories carved & etched (more)
i renamed you / several times / in my crusade
to claim you as my own / you maintain / you never
once responded / yet you whispered once / you
liked one name / much better than another / &
wat waz i / yr nomenclator / meant(more)