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Well I'll be leaving soon, baby, got a job across town
                Don't try it, Don't try it.
I'll be taking all my things, but I hope it won't be long
The weekend's over in one large haze
Clearing out the path in a flaming blaze.
Closing a home we all have known,
A kingdom where all have held the thrown.
Now in the past, in lingers in an eternal daze.
When do I give up? When does one throw in the flag and give up on dreams; act mature and adult like, throw away these visions, burn all the notebooks and hope the scars heal well full? Where's the value in lost hope? Tracing back to elementary days of(more)
" Hello, darlin', I was wodnerin' if you could help a weary traveler?"
-" What do you need, suga?"
" I'm trying to make my way to Glasgow, somewheres in Barren County. Have an old friend I owe a visit to. Been travelin' all throughout the Cumberland Gap and(more)
In battle, the honor's paraded. All might and courage in one performance. Each soul prepared for the ending of all. The Samurai stands tall, in and out through all the rants. Charging forth sacrificing moral. All for pride, all for country. But as the soldiers draw back, and make(more)
Darn, Forgot my key again.
The drunkard wakes up. Analyzes his body. Everything seeeems intact. a bruise on his right rib cage, hands with cracked skin and a pounding headache sensitive to light. All seems OK. No signs of regrettable action. Looking at the floor he sees his boots covered in dirt and tracked(more)
Looking for a little green bag with funk of smells. Searching the mountains for a higher elevation. Hiding from the qualms of morrow days and yester-thoughts. Riding the wave that grooves me to one. Fighting the urge to give up and surrender, living until I die. Finding light-shining in(more)
Proactive, think outside the box. Hold your head high and seek empathy. Accept fault and loss forever. Desire not the ego, for it anchors all your progress. Give. Care. Don't be a dumb ass. Try, try, try. Try and it will show you care. Open up to unknown. Blink(more)
"Oh, wow is me. This life never gets better."
-" Shut it, ya foolish git! If you want a pout party, i'll give you my hanker-chief," he pulls out his hanker-chief and gestures toward the fool." If you're done crying about it, I suggest you wash your face, comb(more)
I ain't talking 'bout the rich class, first class, English class, welter class. None of that bourgeois class, last class, lunch class nor overclass, French class, underclass higher class or former class. I'm looking for that middle class. Has anybody seen it?
Baby blue with a peach hue on horizon. Afternoon soon met by eve on this winter's day. Rooftop snow glazed with ice shimmers the sunlight in an amber glow. The air cool and crisp with stillness all around. No birds, nor squirrels, nor 5 year old on tricycles.  Silence. All(more)
Teenage desires. Scattered dreams. All one focus. Natural instinct takes way. A smile and lock of eyes. She's in colour today.
All of these typetriggers have been too damn negative. Or perhaps it is just myself reflecting inward on the negative and misconceiving the triggers full ability. Regardless, I'm sick of waking up to negative retrospect. Each Trigger is held as a painful heirloom of past negativity. At least now(more)
It's a strange dynamic how we make it all work. Silent eyes follow on passion in the night. Booze breathed in dim lighting. Jived on ups and sure to fall down by morning rise. Avoiding with a presence then swooping attack of witty conversation expected to gain interest and(more)