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Up in arms and out of reach,
From a helping hand in this spinning wheel.
Looking back as time goes forward,
Cashing lots on blind minds and empty deals.
Within and without with nothing new,
Still losing to the dealer of merciful hands. (more)
Locked up in penitentiary of isolated mind, imprisoned to the media; 21st century of style. Images of worlds outside pass before my eyes, but desires outweigh the reality surrounding. Chains of social conformity, chains of competitive market. Chains of intellectual degrees and chains of following tide. No visits from(more)
Sick & sad,
Beat real bad.
Old & broke,
Lost all hope.
Alone & cold,
With life untold. (more)
Sitting out beneath the starlit night. Full moon due south now, just about midnight. Pondering reflections of the past: Falling off bikes, learning how to ride, playing kick the can, fearing the deviled dentist, afraid of what soon may come. Worrying about  my current standing: How much money do I(more)
Waking up in a strange, unfamiliar place. I open the door and walk down the lawn corridor to a raise in the roof and Corinthian columns for design. Red carpets hand stitched on the ground and still in the process of being made, as maid s sit hunched on(more)
The city slums
Run parallel to
The executive suites
There isn't any rhyme in the changing seasons. Stripped of sense and lost in feelings. Conscious of this but all else fades to backdrops. Shining like that lights the bright doesn't come as gifts, it's seen as servitude. Like darkness, unaware of all lights greatness, like darkness unexpected of(more)
Write now at your own risk, take chances, slip get hit and build back up. finding funds in fun getting crook on corners, struggling beats with the beat seat, sweep stakes, blunt rakes, keeping strung high, getting words to the cure for the words of the future ones. holding(more)
Spatula with white custed egg, caged free due to the shortage of supply, all the chickens continue to die. Corn tortilla pieces, sprinkling the granite top work shop of the sink box. Banana peal, stinks for REAL, humid air brings its essence to air, making my nostrils care. Egg(more)
early morning, in the same damned seat I find every day. Veering at passers by as I occupy the black metal patio table outside Joe Lot's Cafe. Trying to come to words with the thoughts in my mind, meeting half way at belittlement and useless repetition on my Moleskine.(more)
The next turn of keys, an opening cleared out for me. Light in the sound of things and colours in the shock they bring. Objects motionless in the still aired sound. With the taste of wind blowing and thoughts deeply thinking. Catching rest while time is eased, counting the(more)
Just in time, the season's right. Fresh for the picking, with rich dew on sight. The nectar of purple, a mysterious tree. Sparrows on each branch, sing songs to me. I climb up the ladder, wooden and bowed at base, and ascend to the top. And just as I(more)
Dark decrepit room, thick with dank moisture and heavy air. Thin rays of fire seep through the closed blinds creating and orange hue. Tiled floor with thin layer of dust holds within the scenes of unfortunate outcomes. In the corner lie bloody rags crusted and burgundy due to none(more)
I'm probably gonna go down in history books. My plan of going into the countryside, building a log cabin and killing a grizzle bear should be more that enough. But even if that doesn't do it, I also plan on avoiding any others, because the media Loves that which(more)
" Hello, this is Jones calling on the behalf of William. Can I speak with Hector?"
-"Hello Mr. Jones. We greatly appreciate your call. Unfortunately, Hector is currently occupied at this moment. If you leave an address or number, I will be sure to forward it along to Hector(more)