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Girl with headphones
i thought i was over the feeling. i thought it was a thing of the past. but as i was walking down the ancient street to my home, i felt the urge. the anger flared up inside of me. at first i felt panic, because the last time i(more)
They're always expecting you to be top notch. You can't just be another player. You have to be the best player.

But if everyone was top notch, no one would really be better than anyone else. No one should be expected to be better than anyone else. (more)
I pushed my hands further into my pockets as I walked down the crowded street. My head was bowed as I avoided eye contact with the other pedestrians. I pulled up my hood, my eyes darting around nervously.

Nobody would ever have to know what I'd done. No(more)
"Want something to drink?"

"Nah, I'm good" I told my friend as he walked into the kitchen.  

As I wandered his ancient house, I marveled at the moss covering the walls like a long green snake.  

I made my way downstairs past a huge chandelier an(more)
I've set all of my defenses
I thought I'd had enough walls
For me to close my eyes
And not risk another fall

But then i found an ally (more)
I stood on the damp grass, with my shoes soaking up water. I kicked my heel deeper into the dirt, and glanced across the field at him.

Maybe I could have run up to him and started a conversation. He could have told I joke, and I might(more)