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"Tick tock, Johnny boy; it's almost showtime. Can you imagine dear Sherlock's face when he sees how I've dressed you up?"

He smirks as he tightens the vest across John's chest. John doesn't shrink back when Moriarty runs a finger down his cheek, but his stomach rolls ove(more)
Caleb was used to living in the stables. He was more comfortable there than in a strange house, so he headed outside without a second thought when he was dismissed for the night. The flicker of a torch  indicated he wouldn't be the only one sleeping outside tonight.


"I'm sorry, I thought you realized --"

"Next time, when it looks like I'm going to make a complete fool of myself, let me know it was staged. Christ --"

"That's enough of that. You only made a fool of yourself in front of me,(more)
Caleb crowed with excitment when he realized their new home was next to a lake. As the family approached the top of the hill, the early morning sun glinted off the water. It took everything he had to keep himself from sprinting to the shore.
"Mel, please," Caleb begs. "I'm trying to sleep. Don't you think you could tune it down a bit?"

"You never used to complain when you were younger," huffs the small creature. She crosses her arms across her chest, and Caleb swears she glows a little brighter just to(more)
Caleb and Beatrice are as different as two people can be. Beatrice wanted nothing more than to stay in one place, to be normal -- she never wanted a Companion. She saw it as a brand, as something that would never allow her to fit in. Caleb always says(more)
My therapist says that I need to continue to blog, especially now that he's gone. She's been keeping up with it, despite the fact that I haven't been in to see her for eighteen months -- she says it shows promise. I correct her -- it showed progress; it's(more)
Caleb can see his sister up ahead, her arms flung out to the side as she twirls up the trail. She hasn't been this happy since they left Cumberland Estates. It is her tenth birthday, and with that comes the gift of the Prescott family. She can see them(more)