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Harvest moon dog
"Hey Jon."
Jon spun around in his chair. "Oh, hey Brett," he yawned.
"Lookin' kinda tired, Jon," Brett remarked as he leaned against the cubicle, stirring his black, one sugar. "Kinda pale."
"Yeah, I haven't been sleeping at all," said Jon self-consciously as he turned back to his spreadshe(more)
Martin stared out the kitchen window. "Anne? There are kids digging through our trash again. I think we should go talk to them this time."  
"Flashlight's under the sink!" called Anne from the living room couch.  
As Martin opened the back door, one of the kids yelped and to(more)
"OUCH!" Bill ducks his head as his face scrunches up in pain.
"What happened?" Haley asks, alarmed. They jump into an alley and look out into the street.
"I cricked my neck," says Bill, massaging behind his head.
"Wow, who did you see?"
"Her! I'd recognize that lime overcoat(more)
"Grandpa?" Tammy's voice rings from the living room, "What's this?"
"Bring it here!" I call from the porch. There's a light pattering of feet, and I turn my gaze from the cow-filled pasture to the girl crawling up beside my chair. She's gingerly cradling a small clay animal.