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God must have been laughing when I pictured our futures together. But I wasn’t what you were looking for, at least not in the end. I was short on affection, short on words, short on love, short on everything.
I live in a world without you and that makes me... very dehydrated.
Kira arrived at the top of the mountain, concluding the hike she was no stranger to.  For the last 8 years, when the weather was nice, Kira and her husband Machon would hike their favorite trails in the nearby national park.  A bag was always packed with lunch and a bottle(more)
In the wise word of sir Usher I, "you got it you got it bad, when you're on the phone-- hang up and you call right back."

Seriously though, there may be some truth behind this top-20 song.  When you feel there is no other option but to swallow(more)
Across the smoky room, his eyes lock with mine.   In a tavern on a Friday night, people surround me with drunken noise.   I’m perched up against the sidewall, dutifully out of the way—a simple onlooker.   I take a sip of my Guinness and begin to observe.  My friend has drunkenly(more)
There is a lot that can be said about a woman who cuts her hair short.  Not Meg Ryan, You’ve Got Mail short—not even Molly Ringwald in, well, everything short.  I cut my hair Michelle Williams short.  And despite my thick, heavy hair that often had a mind of it’s own, I(more)