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"Martin?" Arthur paused in the kitchen doorway, looking at the slumped, humming figure at the coffee table. "You're still here?"
"Um..." Martin looked down at his coffee cup. "Yeah?"
"Oh, well I can leave if it /offends/ you that greatly-"
"No no no no no." Arthur ran forward(more)
"You were keeping secrets from me." Arthur said, firmly staring at the opposite wall and not at where James was sitting.
"You would have stopped me."
"Can you blame me for wanting to stop you?"
"No." James sighed. "But that doesn't mean I wanted to stop."
"Why did(more)
"Why are you sad?" Boyd asked, dropping himself unceremoniously into Donnie's space. Donnie glared at him. "This is sadness right? Or is that just your face?"
"How did you get into my house?"
"Your mum let me in! She's a lovely lady, made me eat some cookies before I(more)
James was asleep again. Martin had put him in the recovery position, just to be safe, and was mindlessly flipping through one of the random comics scattered throughout the house when Arthur walked through the door. He froze when he saw Martin.
"Oh." Arthur looked at his feet. "You're(more)
James woke up in his bed and his head felt like it was imploding from the forehead inwards while his brain tried to escape via his throat.
"Uuunngh." He groaned. That just made his head hurt a whole lot worse.
"Oh, good, you're alive." (more)
Donnie shifted his grip on James while Tony knocked on the door. James's head rolled onto Donnie's shoulder and he continued sleeping.
"Where was he?" Martin asked before he'd even finished opening the door.
"Why didn't Arthur answer?" Tony blinked down at Martin, who turned pink.
"Is my presence(more)
"I just..." James half sobbed, lying limp in Donnie's lap in the back of Tony's car. Tony was torn between wanting to strangle him and hug him until he died. "I don't..."
"Shhh..." Donnie cooed, smoothing Jame's hair back from his forehead. "When you're not half a second away(more)
"I'm going to tell mum."
"No, you're not."
"I am. I am and I'm going to make sure she makes him pay for this for the rest of his existence."
"That's seems awfully excessive."
"No it doesn't." (more)
"Okay, JJ." Donnie said into the phone as Tony parked (at least 70% illegally, but his parking instructor wasn't there, so who gives a flying fuck) "JJ... JJ calm down, just sit, I'm just around the corner, I'll see you in a second okay? Okay, just..." Donnie's eyes went(more)
When Tony arrived at Donnie's house, he was sitting on the couch, singing quietly into his phone.
"Honey is for bees silly bear, besides there's jelly beans, everywhere..."
Tony walked over and gesticulated at Donnie to wrap the call up. Donnie glared at him and flipped him off as(more)
"Tony." Martin whispered down the phone line. "Tony, is James with you?"
"No? Why are you whispering?" Tony asked around what sounded like a mouthful of sandwich.
"Arthur's asleep." Martin ran his fingers through Arthur's hair. "Cried himself out."
"Why?" Tony asked, suddenly sounding wary. "Martin, why are you(more)
"So..." Martin murmured, pulling up a corner of Arthur's blanket nest to look at his face. "What happened?"
"Nothing." Arthur sniffled. Martin rolled his eyes. "Nothing!"
"Okay. Let me guess." Martin knelt down so he could keep eye level with Arthur. "Your mum banned the internet for a week?"(more)
"Okay..." Boyd frowned around the paintbrush in his mouth and Donnie laughed. "Dude you're throwing me off."
"Is that a flower?" Donnie giggled, pointing at the blobs of paint on the canvas. "Is it a bee? Is it a bee flower?"
"I'm gunna punch you in the face." Boyd(more)
"You are so darn cute." Martin giggled, watching as Arthur carefully cross-hatched Aquaman's crotch with a watercolour pencil. "Look at your lil' tounge sticking out. You're precious."
Arthur shifted so that his legs where hanging over Martin's on the ben.
"Your gushing is throwing off my gaaaame." Arthur sing-song(more)
"Excuse me!" The new kid said, bouncing on his toes. "I'm new, what's your name?"
"Um, Donnie. Donnie Lewis." Donnie replied, really not feeling up to talking so someone who had a legitimate skip in his step.
The kid freaking /beamed/. (more)