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They stand in your doorframe, watching your every move. Their eyes dart back and forth across your figure, pupils letting in as much light as possible. Taking it all in. Analyzing you like a threat they're not quite sure how to deal with.
I'm always planning.
Whether it's for my next drawing,
my next film,
or my next break,
I'm always thinking,
"What am I going to do next?" (more)
Pencil to paper,
Fingers to keys,
Thoughts to actions,
You try harder.

Day after day, (more)
Will you?
Distance by the miles, distance by the years.
With each we grow further apart.
Our lives, once intertwined, are now splintered.
Each makes his own path.
Shared memories.
A laugh here, a tear there. (more)
I look ahead at this long road before me.
Trials and tribulations that wait to be conquered.
Moments of glory and mirth that lie just out of reach.
A future, wild and untamed.
The road is foggy; my sight only goes so far. (more)
These tattered clothes sit folded, ready to be packed. Stains and tears are trapped in their fibrous remains.

A laptop, full of bits long forgotten, slides into a satchel, worn by the years.

This room, with its posters ripped and its air stagnant, contains  little left of its(more)