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"Give it your all."
It's something they say when they want 100%.
Your A game.
It's something I've done all my life.
Whenever my parents went to conferences for school, all the reviews said were that I was a great kid. Always tried my hardest.
My dad would complement(more)
Once I saw a woman fall over.
She tripped on a step she didn't even know was there.
She had white hair, and wrinkles littered her skin.
My mother let out an audible gasp. She has always had a soft spot for the victimized elderly.
I wondered if that(more)
I didn't really know you at all, and the things that I found out were mostly from your cousin. But I did see you sometimes, coming home from practice, carrying a jersey covered in sweat. I went to a game once; you were good. College potential, I would think,(more)
Sheer recklessness struck that day. Was it because life was too boring, or that he needed to take a shortcut? Because he needed a thrill? I think the latter. Although he seemed like a good man, I've heard of his murky past, of fighting, of poaching, and driving irresponsibly.  He(more)
I remember once, over a summer, I took Geometry. It started out the eight of us. We were all nerds, mostly attempting to make sure we got into calculus in our senior years. Geometry, if you didn't know, is all about puzzles. Like in court, trying to prove something(more)
He was a businessman. His employees thought him as ruthless.  This was true. His customers were afraid to dispute him, because he had chewed them out loudly, and thoroughly, every time that he did. In fact, the company had lost three clients already because of his rudeness, and a misunderstanding(more)
I have a dream. On different days, but it is always the same one. It is really the only thing I can count on to be there for me. When it begins, I am in a mall, or maybe an airport, going down an escalator. My hands are in(more)
Ants trickle. They are everywhere, going about their own business. They remind me of humans. Do they really care about each other, or are they indifferent?  Same as us, I guess. Some group together, in their underground dens, while others make a living getting crumbs, then eating them. I killed(more)
I remember a commercial that always played on the DVD's I watched as a kid. It was kind of weird, because it was the same commercial, on so many separate movies. It played loud, hardcore music, which I disliked. I hate how the commercials always play louder than the(more)
I remember
when I was little
I used to walk through a dark forest.

I think it represented pain, and unhappiness
We played on the muddy banks when we were little. We would catch frogs and lighting bugs. But you never liked the newts that I showed you. "Too crawly," you used to say. Our mothers would always worry, of course we might fall into the river, they complained. But(more)
Popeye. It used to be my mother's favorite TV show. Still is, but now she doesn't really favor anything. She used to be really pretty, but now she's wasted away. It wasn't anything to do with anything, really. It's not that her husband doesn't really love her, or her(more)
Everything is a test. It is all brought to you by society. Some may take a math quiz, and think "It's only a test." They are okay with getting bad grades, and they are losers. I've been taught my whole life to ace everything. I wear the clothes society(more)
The shortest path I take is everywhere, but I go nowhere. Some may call me lazy. The're just assholes. I have been in a haven for 7 years. No one knows why.
I used to be the fittest kid you knew. But now I am fat. I have nothin(more)