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Left brain, right brain, left brain, right.
Critical thinking, creative might
Like a bird chirping in the dark of night
Left brain, right brain, left brain, right.

Right brain, left brain, right brain, left. (more)
Alone in purest dark
uplifting sounds.
soft tones perforate me,
a snake slithers.

Seeping wounds cannot heal (more)
The dark dungeon lay deep in the swollen earth. IT was as if the ground itself was repelled by the indignities suffered there.

Me? I payed good money to get here and I'm not leaving until my darker desires are satiated.

Ushered past the 50 room hall(more)
Left or right, only one of them opens a door.

If you choose the left, you return to your dead end job with your lovely wife and kids. You're reading them a bed time story and you're hating yourself for never taking a chance. You'll always wonder if(more)
Isolation is suffocating, regardless the size of the cage. Even with the entire world to myself the air feels stale and old, like breathing in deep in an old-folks home.

I am the one remaining human being on planet earth. (more)
Steaming piles of dead leaving puddles of warm life on the field. It is strange how much the red and green remind me of happier times, of holidays I'll no longer enjoy. Bits of brain and skull slither off my boots as I trudge through the gore.
The flax-counter has eighteen minutes remaining, when it hits zero I will be dead. No time to think, only to act.

I knew that tripping the prox-sense would result in my immediate termination, it's common knowledge; but I have to warn them. They must know. They must be(more)
There was never a time in my short lived career that I regretted fucking Carol on my lunch hour. I only regretted that she was the bosses daughter.

Eleven hours ago, I will haver been on "leave of absence" for exactly 28 hours and 12 minutes. I do(more)