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I smile with a tightened face. Curled lips repress repeating waves of giggly tendencies. Thick wrinkles lead to a well known past. Slowly, dimples emerge. Eyebrows arch and then converge with eyelids and eyelashes upward. My gaze cannot be broken.
"You're too smart." She first looked down with only her eyes. Now rising, they lifted the rest of her face with them to produce a look of affection and excitement.
"Huh," rolling his eyes, "I hate it when people tell me that. The only difference is my capacity for(more)
One day, Octopus found herself near the shore of civilization. In the reefs, Human dove to hunt Fish. Octopus camouflaged herself in the rocks. Human clumsily bumped into Octopus, stripping her of her only defense. Human confronted the exposed invertebrate, "Well, I have discovered one who claims to be(more)
Eyes open. It's 7:45 AM. It's always 7:45 AM when my eyes open. Slide out of my sheets. Put my feet on the floor. Walk to the bathroom. Pee. Shower. Brush my teeth. Exit the bathroom without even glancing at my face. Put on suit. Eat breakfast. Grab keys.(more)
Sulking in my throne, one fist supporting my head at the temple, the other pounding slowly at the armrest I pondered my position as Lord of the Underworld.
This position was hardly of my choosing. I would have gladly taken the Sea or the Sky, but His word i(more)
"O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?"
"Could you close that window? You're letting in a draft."
Julia winced with embarrassment at the poor reception of her joke. She walked closer to the bed in the center of the room.
"Why don't we go already?" The strap holding u(more)