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The voyager was light years from Earth.  His destination had been Zircon-9, which was supposedly a Goldilocks planet, according to the scientists.  A Goldilocks planet is one that is not too hot, not too cold, but just right for life.  Right now, the voyager was also light years from Zircon-9.(more)
The journey had been long - lifetimes even; but now the man stood on top of the mountain, arms raised upwards to the sky.  Scattered about were maps, cryptographs, codexes, and clues.  And now he was ready to leave.
What do you teach, teacher?  

What should you learn, student?  

The students sit in the cold, white room - inhaling numbers like cocaine, becoming cogs in the system - moving up a little bit farther than their parents.  How does it feel to teach that?  

Back when we were little, they told us we were "gifted".  What the fuck did that mean anyhow?  Did it mean that I was "special"?  Did it mean that my classmates were not as "gifted" as I was?
A crowded room full of people.  They are all staring at me.  I don't know why.  It's a little bit like Inception.  When you create a ripple in the collective subconscious, then they all look to attack you.  How did this happen?  How does my consciousness have so m(more)
The core of the matter is that action begets thought.

You have to do to think.  There is no point in thinking if you do not do.
"Be crisp.  Tap the ground like an Indian stalking a deer through the forest.  Silent like a hunter!  Swift like there's something chasing you.  Your only tool is your feet.  Do not be clumsy with them!"  Liam McDonaghue was a ruddy-faced man of about 70 with weat(more)
Every year, a fortnight before Christmas, the Kemble family gets some donuts and they go outside of their house, and they throw them on the roof while yelling profanities.  Oscar, the family patriarch, says that it's cathartic.  He started the tradition during the same year that he knew he would never(more)
Every time I sit down to write, for real I mean, the paper is wet.  When I try to drag my pen across its empty canvas, it tears right through, destroying the whole thing.

No characters pop to mind.  No plot enters within.  Where did my imagination go?  Is it soggy? (more)
"You're gonna get in that truck over there.  You aren't going to shoot at me because you don't want the shitstorm it's gonna bring down on your life, your family, and you don't know just how quick I am with this pistol here," I continue my steady walk towards them. (more)
At the edge of town, the road beckons like a siren fading off into the vast emptiness of the plains.  No more people, no more bull shit; just the land, my car, and miles and miles to go.

I look back at town.  It sits squatly at the foot of(more)
The dock pulls in with a deadly silence.  Twisted ropes spiral off of rusted shorings, welcoming my boat.  It wasn't going to be like before, it was going to be real.  I could sense it - this time when I hit this shore, something was going to be different.

The metallic(more)
He stared at the screen, it was ready to suck him again.  It was ready to devour his ideas like candy as he navigated the great web.  He was ready to devour right back.

There are no coincidences.  Ideas are power.  Research is action.

Don Quixote by Miguel De Cervan(more)
He got cold feet the instant he knew he would have to go through with it.  It is no small task to consciously kill, to extinguish a life.  All the time he had done it in the past, it had been either without prescience of the task or to a thing(more)
I am taken with and by the world.  Its sights, sounds, and smells amaze me - one day you'll see all that glitters is gold.  To be a rock and not to roll.

I am taken by the subconscious.  It pours out into the nothingness.

I am taken with the(more)