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Henry_ford_quote (1)
'There's no shame in it..I'm serious'

'What does it do to you?...Like how do you feel after?'

'Just inhale..hold your breathe.. and exhale. Trust me. If you cough, it'll feel better..Straight to your lungs.'

He passes it to her.

'Eh...I'm not sure about that.' (more)
She is tired.

The lines on her forehead and circles underneath her eyes were once foreigners... Now they are settlers.

Her hands hold her legs to her chest. She feels asphyxiated as she cradles in her bed. Within her blankets, she still feels the tendrils of despai(more)
Ingrown toe nails. Ingrown bacteria. Ingrown infections.

Don't leave them unattended. Cut it out. To say he once had a manifestation of ingrown problems, fostered into an illness. Nurtured into a disease which left him emotionally incapacitated. The figurative decapitation of his soul, the center of reason and(more)
I write as a way to open up, while you read to pass judgement...

One writer's paradox.
a cup full of sunshine
for every jar full of tears

a spoon full of smiles
for a ladleful of fears
In sickness or in health, 'till death do us part.

Is marriage constituted by these verbal vows? Words are easily broken, if such then vows can be easily revoked on the same token. It's an inconceivable thing this marriage, in my eyes, as it can be based on(more)
'Fool's play,' he exclaimed.

Dagger drawn from its scabbard. Eyes shut as he dangled the blade in his finger tips. The motley coat hung loose off his shoulders: a canvas of black, powder white, lagoon blue and emerald - colours of winter.  


He clicked h(more)