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The mirror was the first gift she’d unwrapped on her wedding day. The polished silver frame was wrought in twisting roses that wrapped about the mirror’s glass, and when she gazed at her reflection she felt like she was seeing another world. She smiled as she’d held it tha(more)
The Wall, as it was known, stretched above so far its peak scraped the stars. It’d been cobbled together countless generations ago for some long forgotten purpose. Now, it stood, as resolutely as ever, trapping Jacob within the wasteland of the city.
Time had cracked its face a(more)
The most peculiar quality of stardust is that it holds whatever shape you could want. When I was young I enjoyed pressing it into great balls. I’d gather vast tracks of the stuff and push and push until I could push no more. There’d be a flash, a burs(more)
Sally rubbed her hand on Peter’s back as he hung his head over the edge of the toilet. He retched, and Sally could feel the convulsions shake him from his shoulders to his feet. He was pale, cool sweat pooled on his neck and drenched his shirt in (more)