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Soft fur wraps around warm flesh, smooth and dappled in orange and white. The reflection of light glints of the edge, like  dawn rising over a land of animal fur.
It twitches, the softness swishing through the air, moving gentle currents, and its ears prick to attention. It paws the(more)
Her pulse races like every tick of the panting clock, running the home stretch. Darkness closes in the corners of her vision. Breath is tight.
No more time. In those last few seconds she rushes, as if going overtime was an option, as if she could squeeze in a(more)
It had been a slow year, when time staggered by in drips and drabs, sometimes entire dollops and then nothing at all. it pushed forward across barriers of glue and rock. Plodding. One step. Another. A breather. Time to move again. Heave.
In twilight, the darkening air settles like mist across the cooling ground. Stars slowly unveil their brightness and shine down. Dull green leaves rustle, the fingertips of larger trees with their roots firmly planted deep below.
Rubber and leather squeak against pavement and a low murmur of squeaking, beeping,(more)
Can you write a blog,
without content?
Plenty speak without content.

Look at that guy now, jabbering away. What's he talking about?

The internet is full. Bursting. Endlessly creating more space for words, thoughts, ideas, concepts, organisation.

But is there any(more)
Do you want to be adored?|
To you feel that creeping itch between your shoulder blades,
that empty hollow just beneath your rib cage?
Are you looking for flowers, a poem, a smile, eye contact only?
Are you lonely?
Scared of that void inside. As if you are(more)
Whatever happens, know that once, I cared.
I really did.
It happened so slowly.
I thought I hated you.
Or rather, I thought I was ambivalent.
You were to have no role in my life. (more)
The dust falls on the road, tiny motes that cling to everything and unite as a messy, irritating whole. It refuses to leave, refuses to budge, digs itself deep into every fold of clothing and skin, coats your mouth, your lips, your eyelids.
The dust swirls in the wind(more)
If only I could take a stand.
Injustices around to force my hand.
But the blandness of desperation, the safety of inaction catches me unawares. Or aware. It's hard to tell.
When the smell of fear seeps into my nose, to my brain, do morals stand in vain? Gone,(more)
Bright blue eyes.
Delicate curls of brunette hair dangling over the ears. A smile, so bright, so inexplicably cheerful.
I watch her from a distance, from the coffee shop on the corner with it's broken chairs. I can't imagine her sitting in a shop like this. She's too free,(more)
Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the floor. Cracked, spilling frothy brown liquid amongst the shards of sharp glass. A few drunkards still stumble among the ruins, though the party was over hours ago, their skin ripped and bleeding in odd places, on the palms of their hands, the soles(more)
Whoever thought a snowman could be warm and fuzzy?
Made of ice cold and poky sticks, it melts in the sun a few hours later, breaking the proud hearts of small children.
The carrot nose is edible, definitely. But a baked or boiled carrot would droop off the head(more)
Red eyes squashed under lurking brows of blackness. Skin like pitch, smooth as butter and twice as evil. A voluminous cloak of the same midnight shade, billowing majestically among the furnaces of an eternal blacksmith.
Pounding. Pounding. Pounding. (more)
The wind snatches at locks of hair, throwing them back into my face with malicious intent. My eyes stream with tears but I force my tired feet to keep pounding at the hard cement pathway, force my sweat-streaked arms to keep pumping, force salty oxygen through my lungs in(more)
you have up to 300 words. what will you say?The crashing ring of swords echoed throughout the arena, then they slithered apart as the combatants danced backwards, puffs of sand rising to coat their armour from foot to knee. They swung at each other again, ducking, rising  to meet the(more)