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you have up to 300 words. what will you say?She turned. Stopped. Looked. Stared at me hard, like she was searching for something she thought she lost forever. Then said: Hey, lets move in together.

I peered down, into my scuffed up boots. Smiled. Looked back up. You(more)
Without you I'm spinning my wheels. Grinding teeth, like gears, desperate to shift. Broken down chevy in the backseat crying.

You died like a flash of lightning. Dead and gone in a single breath. Found through a google search and an obit page. Like I walked into th(more)
I read, recently, that when you make friends with time, you are afforded the right to make mistakes. Time is not my friend right now. A bitter toothed school girl, with mocking in her voice, the clock laughs as I will her face to move.
-- (more)
My eyes were eager as I looked up to meet his. He has these eyes like chrome ball barrings. I swear I can seem my own fear of rejection glimmering in them. "You ready to be a good girl?" He asks. All I can do is lower my head,(more)
"You know, you're nothing but a glorified facebook friend," she spat.
Her mother was dying. We knew that. But we didn't talk about it like that. We talked about it as if she was tap dancing around the hospital, instead of being wheeled around on a gurney. It made things easier. For both of us.
You know that brassy sound of trumpets. Somewhere in the back of a b-side? It's like that. But not. Not like that at all. But, really. It's only, try. Try to imagine it like a heartbeat. But not as rhythmic. Not as penetrative. Not as strong. Not like a(more)
I came home and had a panic attack. Not be cause he did something. Lord, the number of dates I've had where he did *something*, and even so, was not panic attack. Tonight though, I couldn't control it. I couldn't hold it back like I usually can. And I(more)
They didn't force us to have the telescreens. We bought them, all of them. All in different colors. A new one every 9 months. Upgrade. Upgrade. Upgrade. They didn't force us, they sold us. Convinced us that we NEEDED one.  
I'm close to feeling okay. Again. Back in a world where I seem to function better. Long gone are the long nights of desperation. The sickening dread of life. No more am I lying in bed, staring off into some distant world, like the ceiling's a open portal. I(more)
I've tasted myself, like chamomile.
And I smell like lake water.
Like a childhood summer.
Seaweed wrapped around ankles.
Zebra mussels.
Warm Michigan sun. (more)
Did I fucking tell you about Billy Johnsons? You know we dated right? Rough, butch guy like him, couldn't resist. Let him put his grimy hand up my skirt the first night. But, christ, I wasn't really resisting. He was cheap date, but that motorcycle felt hot between my(more)