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Last time I spoke to you, you were adamant that this was a temporary situation. You had the mile markers all mapped out, a new playlist for your wandering heart, just waiting on a paycheck for a tank of gas. That was months ago, now. I’ve not read your(more)
Your pictures strung up on your wall, a timeline of improving composition work. Next cropping up in the school paper, your name under them in italics. Your current project lit up on your screen. Your mouse working away, your hand curled loosely over the plastic, your lamp keeping you(more)
You fight your demons less in your head these days and more in a bottle. They float, soaked in alcohol and burning all the way down, but beautiful none the less. You know what they hide. It's worse than your corpse: a life cycling through booze breath and rehab,(more)
I am twisted beyond recognition, hissing and snarling, a creature unused to human contact. You approach and I claw at you, draw blood and you jerk back as if burned. But you hold no trace of fire.  
You're bloody and broken in a way I almost recognize, the core(more)
Breathe me in, breathe me out. You consume me in the best way possible, make me feel necessary. Needed. Loved. Hold me. Keep me steady, keep me centered, light my smile from behind your eyes.
Breathe me in, breathe me out. You know I never had a doubt tha(more)
The sun paints my skin with warmth and you spread your fingers and push it deeper until my insides are molten and when your lips finally demand mine, press hard and soft both at once, open against my own and take all I am between them, I let my(more)
There's a half a butterfly missing from around your neck and when I reach to my own its to caress the other half hanging on a chain around mine; the noose to loose to choke off my breath and too tight to let you live. The ending we were(more)
I just want so badly to be there. To be where and when you are, to be at your side. I want to watch you wake in the morning and fall asleep next to you at night. I want to make you breakfast, want to pour your orange juice,(more)
You know just how to hurt me best. You sit with your words—sickly sweet enough for me to eat them up, solid as candy floss dissolving off your tongue onto mine. Your promises of tissue paper flowers that dissolve in the rain, your care given in words written on(more)
In four more days I'll be gone, gone, gone. You'll be two days out from the last time you saw me, and you won't realize it until three days later. In four more days I'll be a week behind my realization that I'll miss you, a week and three(more)
Fun house mirrors and corrective lenses, frames, prescriptions, contacts and polarizations. There is something wrong with your eyes.

You are wild and fun and twirling, a pinwheel in your hand. It flashes bright against the sunny sky, brighter reflections of sparklers later that evening. In the daylight, you(more)
Shame burns in her cheeks
Only after her mother
Mentions that it should
You smile at me and I ache. You are so radiant when you smile. You are breathtaking in everything you do, honestly. You scowl up at me with your comforter pulled to your chin and you're divine. You tease me as I try my best to cook something, anything(more)
They tell me opposites attract and I am overjoyed for I am warmth and fire and red and you are a brisk blue chill. I am eager to know you, eager to share your story and mine and you are just as excited as I. For a while we(more)
Cedar woodchips stick to his palms and leave red marks when his little sister brushes them from his skin. He glares at her and tells her not to do that and she is too young to know his words for the 'thank you' that they hide.