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The distant clatter of broken glass hushed. In front of the ruined mirror, the figure with her back to me remained motionless.
One finger twitched. She grasped the bottle as its hand-lettered tag fluttered in the humid air.
Rough hands grasped me under th(more)

Catt didn't appear.
After a moment, Asmodeus's arms slipped from my shoulders, his eyes slipped from my face. He turned his back to me. Black tattoos of grotesque faces roiled up to the surface of his skin. I drew a breath of the leaden air, and sl(more)

Djinn Cavern

"...and what's in Catt's pocket." Asmodeus's eyes glittered in the thunderstorm light.
"Her pocket?" (more)

The expression in his black eyes, half-hidden by shaggy dark hair, was unreadable. His fingers massaged my hip through the now-ragged dress.
"You're what?" (more)
I have been.
But stay tuned for a special installment of The End Times tonight.
Leviathan, the Hellmouth

The images on the screens implode. The burning sky above the trees powers down. Fire alarms and tornado sirens and echoing screams are stifled. Even the primordial rumblings in the Throne Room, in the belly of it all, cease. A cord has been pulled.(more)
"...Enter Here"

After an aeon, the flow from the jug of drain cleaner slowed and stopped.
Small welts bubbled under the milky slime. As it sloughed from my outstretched limbs, She watched, skull cocked, hand on hip. The scars She'd set out to scour still showe(more)
The Gates Open

She took hold of my long hair, and yanked my head back. I gasped.
Trembling, eyes shut tight, I expected to feel the vicious sludge pouring over my teeth, dissolving them.
Instead, I felt spongy, amphibious hands pull my arms out straigh(more)
The First Vial

The figures stood blinking and bewildered under the swinging bulb. Small creatures, large creatures, people with stretched and blurred and rearranging features, glitching into being.  A man with a sharks head snapped his jaws angrily at tiny Cthulhus fluttering around his shoulders.
The First Trumpet

"Wait!" I screamed to Her, clamping my hands over my ears to shut out the tornado siren. "I know this is the end, I know I deserve this, but why is it happening all out of order? Where are War and Death? What happened to(more)

In a whirlwind of nauseous darkness, Disease and I were flung from the Throne Room.  
The ground rumbled and stilled. Laughter rattled in Her chest, through the perpetual grin of Her horse's skull. I opened my eyes.
A long, dim, wood-paneled room. Wasted, dark-ey(more)
Throne Room

The floor of the cavern stilled. My fingernails scraped the porcelain edge of the dais. Their throne rose before me, a mound of ulcerous, oozing flesh. They were twisted together in it, bones fused into each other and sprouting through gray skin from shoulders and hips.(more)

I did as Her letter instructed, and ate. And ate, and ate,  until I was swollen as an abscess. Crawled into bed, between cold sheets, and dreamt the dream She had left for me.
Standing in front of a dark closet, I reached in and took down a polka-dotte(more)
The phrase, from The Merchant of Venice, is "a pound of flesh," but She has never read Shakespeare. Revelations is Her book of choice.
She carves an ounce at a time.
The first time, I was able to curl my fingertips under my bottom-most ribs. Another wa(more)
Give one to your lover. Plant one. Stop to talk to one.    

Remember, these flowers love rain.