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I am so incredibly dense. Take a look at the little avatar I chose. Alice, of course. See what she's holding? A key.
Do you see a keyhole?
I don't. (more)
I met Neil Gaiman today. I couldn't speak when he touched my book to sign it. If my heart isn't made of glass, it must be made of something infinitely more fragile.

Birdsong. Sunshine. The parts of the waking world that I'd left behind while I journeyed to and through the Apocalypse.
I struggled out of bed, legs and head heavy from the dream I'd been living for hours, or years, whichever it had been.
In m(more)
The End II

"Oh, oh, Death."

The singing voices faded to a sigh.
"I don't know where to go from here," I said to the last Horseman. He continued straddling his white bicycle, and I continued looking foolish - holding a plate of pie while(more)
The End

O-o-oh Death   (more)


  I was alone in the clearing. The table, of course, cleared itself, then imploded, returning to the fictional Viking feasting hall from whence it probably came.  
It was over. No more adventure, no more conflict. The End. The death of a story. Not so (more)


"She's right, you know." Freya said, and resumed her attack on the mutton shank.
"Glad my journeys are behind me, then." I said, and glanced down the table. There was a man at the far end I hadn't noticed before. He was paler tha(more)


I blinked, and Atlas was the right size to sit at the table with us. Freya had abandoned her flaming sword, and was touching up her violently red lipstick, boots propped on a corner of the table.
I sat, still in my dirty, torn, polka-dott(more)

Judgment Part III

Despite Freya's command, I froze, dropping to the rumbling ground and burying my face in my hands. The world tilted and lurched beneath me. Frantic screams and whooshing, scorching flame shut out thought. Silence and darkness fell a heartbeat later, and I lifte(more)

Without answering Freya, Atlas straightened his bent back, shifting the sphere of wailing souls he carried to hold it high above his head. He closed his eyes and murmured a low, strange song. His clothes, those gossamer rags bolted to his flesh, stirred in a breeze I(more)

Judgment, Part I

"Where -" the woman began.
"- we're needed." the man finished for her.
I recognized them, but my gaze was torn away before I could say anything to them. Roaring out of the shattered sky was Freya.
Her chariot, pulled b(more)
W ar Machine    

Where my nails had sliced the air, a void opened. Rumbling whispers rushed out of it, filling the silence left by the stilled thunder. After a moment, this whispers stopped, leaving a quiet as absolute as the vacuum of space. The pressure (more)


The jaunty piano tune, meant to signal the end of a vaudevillian show, became steadily louder, discordant, and ominous. The clouds overhead, sparking with lightning, darkened until nearly black.
The music stopped. Asmodeus and Disease were only a step away from me. Their hands sho(more)


The mechanical wolf in my mirrored self's chest crunched the marionette's wooden skull in his jaws, the shards disappearing down his gullet, followed quickly by the rest of the delicately carved body.
With downcast eyes, my doppelganger watched the scene playing out inside her. Sh(more)
A Wind Age, A Wolf Age

Asmodeus's laughter, and mine, and the mirror girl's, and Her's, and Her children's, rising and twisting and hissing in the dank, humid air.
Inside the theater of the looking glass girl's chest, a velvet curtain twitched and parted, revealing serrate(more)