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It is at high noon that minute and hour lay upon one another and kiss. It is my favorite time of day to peek at their hands and make a wish. I send it up to the half sky sun and feel a tingle as the minute begins to(more)
She reached into her pocket, stirring a sudden chime. She pulled out a palm full of time and began to count it out in pieces on the counter. As the last bit hit the pile she sat proudly displaying her abundant savings.
Looking back I touched my lips to my bare shoulder and gently kissed. Turning forward I left the times where they lay, never to be missed. The wind of my walk caressed the moist mark of my adieu, chilling my rings through and through.  The path narrow and my feet(more)
I lost my direction when I was following a yellow pyrite fool that was using a map to nowhere. Guessing each stop with a roll of my ivory eyes we often landed on snakes in olive branch disguise.  Swirled in circles by a spoon in the road, I reversed course(more)
Those lips uttered I love you and who cares with the same finesse. I believed both and so look with what I am left. Swiss cheese stories that have lost their flavor and a half pound of thinly sliced regret. Time has seasoned me with the pounds of healing(more)
Make a pile of thoughts, jump into it and watch them scatter around. Then connect them with starry light in the darkened night and tell stories of how they become. Howl as they give a full moon view of what the future holds and listen to your story retold. (more)
It had an excellent point, the knife he used to rip my heart out. It met me with our eyes and pierced me with every friendly goodbye. Each turn of the sun to its shadow left me haunted with desire as it began carving me hollow. I bore open(more)
She stood in front of the mirror, both sides pulled forward to examine the breaking ends.

"I'm just going to even it up" she thought to herself.
There is a loneliness to walking the veil. Seeing through both sides of the undivided mind was equally a gift and disaster. She was masked now, covered in an ethereal henna that could rewrite its symbol with the prompt of a breeze.  Isolated in the sea of love storming in(more)
She side walked through her choices careful to avoid the cracks. Turning side to side she counted off one by two each only replying not for you. She held her hand face forward toward the next in search of the first to say, why thank you yes.
Hop along in the field is what I have heard them say. By them I mean the uncounted many offering advice they cannot take. You will find your carrot eventually many claim, yet with ever passing step only a mask wearing fake. I am an addict to addicts, there(more)
The scavenger ravaged, tearing each moment from bliss to shit. He tore through the fleshy coated layers, deep into parts of me I never knew did exist. Fighting I tried to use my limbs in a flailing block, yet he chewed through them like butter in the hot. The(more)
Everything carefully aligned in the margins she set to hold her words, she took a breath and hit enter. It was there...confirmation of all that she set in motion with the simple stroke of her fingers and a single click of enter into the global abyss. Brief moment of(more)
His words knocked out all that I had left in my defense. The walls I built over time, piece by piece crumbled into a mass of benign. Silly on the putty he made of me, I watched the air oblige our passing, comfortably walking side by side. He created(more)
Opening the door to my closeted self, I was hit with a frigid blast of choice. Aligned on color coded hangers each body stood only inches apart. I slid them from side to side, the hanger dragging along the wooden pole, scratching my flow like a spinning record manipulated(more)