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Anya dimitri dance early
As easy and as useful as Kindles and e-readers are, I don't think I'll ever get over my love of physical books. The feel of running your fingers over the paper and ink, crisp and new or soft with use. The sound of pages flipping as you quickly try(more)
"Wait, is that-" Jill started to turn her head at the figure that just walked by.
"Nope!" replied Bethany, grabbing her friend's wrist and tugging her along.
"But I thought-"
"No." (more)
The knocking resonated through the tree.
"Did you hear that?"  She looked down at the small boy pressed up against the tree with a look of pure cute concentration etched into his face.
"Yeaaaaaah, but why did it sound weird?" he asked her.
"Well sweetie, it doesn't have the res(more)
"I swear to God, Nick. If you hon-"
"Kir, relax. I know what I'm doing."
"But you haven't finished your training. I told you-"
"And I'm telling you. I don't need it. I can do this on my own. Just believe in me. Please. I just need you to(more)
"You're not celebrating?"
"It's your birthday."
"I'm not hungry."
A sigh. "I didn't ask if you were hungry. Besides our friends aren't that good at cooking anything besides Ramen and left over take out anyway."
"I just don't like my birthday, I always feel like a kid,"(more)
What were they? A procession of gods? They certainly act like it with their fire sticks that can kill a man in instant, their wild beasts that sound like storms when they run, and their strange pale faces.

But I don't understand. The high priest didn't predict suc(more)
"Why did I agree to spar with you, again?" she asked, ducking his punch while swiping out her left leg at his knees.

He easily dodged her kick with a back flip. "Because you like me," he replied confidently. "Think of it as your wedding gift to me."(more)
Dear sister,

I'm not sorry that I took the last chocolate chip. It was delicious. (And I "helped" you make it so I get automatic dibs).
Too many and too little.
How would you describe yourself? It's a question asked by every interviewer, resume,  and first day of school get-to-know-you assignments.
Well what version do you want?
Do you want the cookie cutter version of being nice, hardworking, smart, and funny? Because that can be tru(more)
"So.... what now?" He shuffled along beside her, knowing despite her parent's answers he was still in trouble.

She huffed. "We're  invalids."
"No, that's you with a broken arm and recovering from getting run through with a sword."
"Well, you decided to play scientific experiment with my parents(more)
It sticks and coats in an unsatisfying way, sliding over skin like cheap glue that hasn't solidified yet. Escape is dreamed of but never achieve as you search for a trace of air that allows breath to poor out. Then the haze settles as things become more and more(more)