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Union jack
"Hasn't enough been done already?"

You drop the sword from your trembling fingertips, falling forward heavily onto the wall, leaning on it to support your weary body. This whole fight... It's just pointless.

The small group of warriors in front of you collectively laughs, readjusting their grips(more)
She turns from side to side until she's tangled in the blankets and then she forces the pillow over her head and then she screams to drown out the voices and then the lights turn on and people are worried and asking questions and she can't make anything stop(more)
His hand trailed along the ancient bindings of the books, his fingers tracing the fabric and leather that had been held by countless hands, touched by who knows how many people eager to absorb new information.

With the world now, books were obsolete. The pleasure of being caught(more)
"The gardener, on the back porch, with the candlestick."
"None of those things are options."
"It's the only possible explanation!"
"No. That's not how we play."
"Well it's how /I/ play." (more)
approaching, slowly coming closer. I stand frozen in the darkness, eyes squeezed shut tight.

"It's only a dream," I whisper to myself as a cold wind begins to tear around me. My hands clench into fists involuntarily against the unexpected chill.

Then there's a warm breath on(more)
She has the fabric of my shirt collar bunched up in her fist. Her eyes shoot fire at me as she grins, slowly pushing me further over the edge, where I would topple endlessly into the gaping cavity in the earth if she would let go.
Reality began to collapse around my head, crumbling to pieces. I wasn't right. I was an anomaly. I was ahead of time, past the point where I was supposed to be dead, which a time traveler is never meant to do.

Her fingertips slipped from mine in the(more)
I leaned back against the chair, tilting my head backwards until I was looking at the ceiling. My eyes closed as I took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of the bakery I was sitting in.

This day is probably one of my least favourite holidays, since I've(more)
The pressure of the water was increasing the further I went down, the occasional bubble of air escaping from my mouth. They all said that I was insane, for attempting to go this deep without a pressure-suit, but they didn't know who I really was. How could they? I(more)
I held the shards in my hands. "Gosh dang it," I said, looking up at the person standing in front of me.

"It happens to the best of us," said the person, looking down at the shards in my palms. "Just have to try again..."

I threw(more)
Raspberry cheesecake is not my favourite.

"Well, that's not very happy," my mom said, putting her glove-covered hands on her hips. She was looking critically at the face of the snowman I had just created. "Why is he frowning?" she asked.

I rolled my eyes, probably looking really cute because I was four years(more)
Tally marks everywhere, more appearing without explanation.


Tick. (more)
"Wow," I mouthed, looking at the pictures side-by-side on the computer screen. "And... how old was he when this picture was taken?" I asked, pointing to the one on the left.

"Fifteen," the other person replied. (more)
Is this useful?


Great, okay, awesome, I'll just set it on fire and make the ashes into glass, pulverize the glass, and then spread the glass crystals at the bottom of the ocean.

Oh wait that actually is useful!

.....You know, ou(more)