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"Let's go!"

You said it with such a bright face, excitement written all over you. Not a trace of fear. I was afraid. But you, like you so often did, gave me courage.
"Promise you won't freak out?"


"Pinky promise," the boy insisted, holding out his pinky finger.

Rose held out her own, curiosity overcoming her. "Pinky promise."

"And may your pinky break if you tell anyone," Jack said solemnly.

"Yeah, yeah, so what do y(more)
The herbal tea was hot and steaming. It warmed her hands delightfully. She took tiny sips so she wouldn't burn her tongue. The ginger tea ran down her throat, soothing the swollen ache that she had felt all day.

Rita sank back into her couch. She was (more)
Her eyes scanned the screen. Departures. Seoul 08:00. On-time.

Well that was good. Waiting around an airport was never fun. She grasped her suitcase handle nervously. The butterflies that had been in her stomach for days were acting up again. She was actually here. She was actually leaving.(more)
It had startled her the first time it happened. She had been sitting on her couch in the living room. She knew she was alone, had double locked the front door of her apartment. So when she suddenly heard footsteps in her kitchen she jumped with alarm.
"You're a bitch, y'know that?" Craig spat out as he paced. "I tried,I really tried to be a good boyfriend. Even though you can be fucking crazy sometimes."

Ally sat there and took it, because that's what you do when you break up with someone. You break their(more)
She tried to calm her agitation, but to no avail. Lisa crossed her arms and waited, watching her boyfriend walk around excitedly. Well, at least he was enjoying the trip.

"We got what we came for. Can we go now?" she asked neutrally, trying to hide how she(more)
"Dear Father," was what he wrote down. It was a start. Not much of one though. He stared at the words. Were they too formal? Too clinical? If it was this hard to start the letter how would he be able to finish it?

"Dear Father," he said(more)
Her smile was as big as it could be, but it still didn't meet her eyes. In fact, if you looked closely, you could see the slightest twitch of her left eye.

"Oh I hope it's no big deal," the woman sitting at the booth said. "You know(more)
"I just don't know," Jasmine sighed. "I have fucking clue what I'm doing."

"Language missy," her father scolded. "And there has to be something that you want to do. What ever happened to personal training?"

"The gym was into super high pressure sales. And I hate getting(more)
"What did those mashed potatoes do to you?" her mother asked with a raised eyebrow. Lynn looked down at the bowl. She had gotten so wrapped in her thoughts she had even noticed that she was pulverizing the potatoes.
She remember how the hot air balloons would rise over the horizon, their bright colors striking against the blue, summer sky. Her grandma said they came from the golf course down the road. When they came over her grandparents' field the balloons were still low. They seemed massive, like(more)
They stared at each other. He smiled slowly as blood dripped from his hands. It was smeared across his body, his face. The dead girl lying at his feet had put up a fight. It hadn't been enough.

Gwen reached for her gun instinctively, before remembering it wasn'(more)
"I just never thought my parents liked me. I mean I know they love me, but you can love someone and not really like them at the same time." His voice was soft. The late hour and the wine had taken the energy out of him. His girlfriend lay(more)
"Amy! You still haven't finished that report? If you can't get it to me in an hour I'll find someone who can!" Amy's boss had a voice like a whip. She jumped into action.

"Yes sir, right away sir," Amy mumbled, not daring to look up. She typed(more)