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Blue rose 2
Why is it that creativity follows tragedy: a demon waiting to pounce? Why are creative minds plagued with crippling thoughts and voices refusing to be drowned out? Why, why, why! I suppose I will never now until creativity kills me.
Glaring eyes
Rolling dies
Life goes on
Far too long
For this condescending guise
To become my demise.
Her house is white-walled
Her family is made of marionettes
Controlled by the whims of society

Her mind is a mess
Her thoughts are too jumbled (more)
Your last caress
Was full of lies
If I could
I would go back
To prevent
What's now the past (more)
Intellectualize it all
Within your head
Give it purpose
Meaning and truth
Because without
All if these attributes (more)
I'm a runaway
From so many things
From fear
From anguish
From pain
But also (more)
I'm so done
With so many things
With grief
Loneliness (more)
I always bundle up
All my emotions
Layer them under
Numerous fa├žades
To pretend everything
Is actually okay (more)
I'm into music
It drowns out the liars
That fill this world
With endless whispers
It's an escape
From my mind (more)
I always pretend
That it's alright
But it's really not
My mind
Is in a constant war
My heart (more)
Words are a gasslighter and people are the kindling, with the fire consuming more everyday.
Welcome to the real world
Where smiles are fake
Where words are just white lies
Where everything is built upon deceit
Welcome to the real world
Where everyone is a doll (more)
If there's a problem
Paint over it
If you make a mistake
Paint over it
If it doesn't look right
Paint over it (more)
Tick tock
Goes the clock
While my mind is racing
And my heart is aching
But on I go
I can't be slow (more)
In the darkness
The stars will rise
Awakening in the night
As rain crashes
Against the ground
Setting the stage (more)