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Blue rose 2
You say it was just a typo
A little slip of the tongue
Well news flash honey
Sometimes that's enough
To bring everything toppling down.
The sugar bowl at the dinner table
Is pure hypocrisy.
There is no sweetness there
And there never will be.
Only cold faces
Stuck in their stone-faced masks of disapproval. (more)
The days passed
And before I knew it
They blurred together
This twisted and
Mangled monster (more)
Our minds have become
Modern and spacious
Empty and waiting to be filled
To be decorated with thoughts
Like strings of lights
Dancing across the room (more)
Her limbs are shaky
Her mind races
As fears scurry
Screaming inside
Vying for her time
Vying for her mind (more)
My veins are pulsing
My head is throbbing
Everything feels so cold
As my world blurs
My hands reach out
For help that isn't there (more)
My reflection stares
At me in the clean plate
My hands precariously
Grasping the rim
My tears obscured
By the dripping dish water.
It was a tactical error
To let you
Near my heart
I see that now
That I've fallen
Apart (more)
One heart
Two thoughts
Three people
Four moves
Five stars
Six wishes (more)
Because it's true, I bid you adieu.
Lydie looked around the remnants of the familiar room. All that remained were the bare bones of the walls, which to be honest were also beginning to break under the pressure.

She stretched her hands outwards, her fingers flitting over the crinkled paper wrapping the walls, embracing it(more)
Held up by
The strings of society
The marionettes dance
Doubting every step
Afraid of every beat.
Join forces
Against to voices
Don't stay silent
Don't be quiet
Because in the end
It's the silence (more)
Open windows
Slamming doors
Empty bottles
Cold floors
Sleepless nights
Teary eyes (more)
Tick tock
Goes the clock
While you just
Try to block
The small regrets
The aftershock (more)