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CHAIN STORY - You write the next line, now!

The venerable mustache passed out of sight, and I was alone in the city. Dark clouds threatened overhead but I was fearless. Cherry blossoms were in season and while they looked beautiful, I couldn't help but think about th(more)
So the plane went down with a horrendous crash and as gravity and of course water pressure smashed its way in, the fuel tanks caught fire with a great whooshing blast that sent the surrounding watery horizon into an orange inferno.
"Say this tastes like a vintage 1989 Wet Ashtray" I say.

The waiter blushes and hurriedly removes both the bottle and my partially filled glass from the table and disappears from view.

"Okay, guess I should elaborate a little here. Sometimes when with friends I'm dragged t(more)
I wake up and even though I tend to sleep through my alarm, it doesn't make a sound. Just silence, but yet the numbers are blinking indicating that it's been triggered.
I check the cord and the extra battery and it seems to work, so I shut it off(more)
Selfish Fred gets out of bed and bumps his head.
From out a door purrs his cat, he gives his food-bowl an empty pat.
Selfish Fred needs his meds, can't take time to deal with Zed.
"Uugh! It's everywhere!" I scream.

Well I yell this to no one in particular since I'm home all alone with the dogs and our narcoleptic cat.

There's company coming over and I'm stuck getting the house clean and dealing with the pets.

"Oh well better m(more)
You know, it's strange when I fold laundry and when I start to sort through all of the socks and find usually 10-12 socks without their mate.

How can this be?
Where do they go, and why? (more)
"Listen closely and you shall hear the midnight ride of Paul Revere!"

I heard this uttered once in my history class. Of course in the din of the classroom and my desk mate giving me a sharpie tattoo, it was quite hard to listen closely if even at(more)
His fingers were what I saw first. Twisted appendages that seemed to spiral within themselves. The nails as black as the midnight sun and rot oozed from the cuticles. Each digit was covered in a rough bark like consistency, the surface riddled with warts and tufts of hair-almost fur(more)
Squatting in some bushes ankle deep in mud, mosquitoes making angry red dots form on my tanned hide. The air is thick and hot and I'm constantly wiping sweat from my eyes. I'm scanning the shadows and jerking at any possible sound outside my range.  
So with my hands all jittery and my nerves practically shot, I stand backstage next to the big curtain puller system. It's my big night as stage manager and I'm to introduce the big number. The pulleys are complex and one wrong move and everything can grind to a(more)
OK so a few years ago I decided I needed some income. I also decided that for that to happen I must go job hunting. Filled out all manner of applications, walked/bused to most of my interviews, and was told in most cases that they would think about it.(more)
The history of orange juice is also important for the American culture. The drink started to play an important roll in the Americanisation of breakfast. The orange juice replaced the more British breakfast of stewed fruit.
We have all had those best intentions.

Helping that girl with math, then finding out about her jealous boyfriend.

Helping a neighbor move some boxes, only to hear that they were burglars.

Sending money to that nice Nigerian man who sends you email about how h(more)
As Lewis Black states: Only golfers and Gamblers repeatedly anticipate.

That seems to be my mantra for when I get all psyched about something. Whether it's a new movie or a rocking new concert from a band I like, or just expecting a phone call from an old(more)