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Great. What is this love nonsense? I guess they say that artists must be starving or completely all in love with what they do.

Does that mean that they must be in love? I guess I'm not there yet, my parents will be so thrilled that I've go(more)
Grab the pillow, by its ruffly corner of course! Your opponent has decided on dual round little ones you find on couches. She holds them like gloves, you don't have a chance do you? This particular pillow you happen to hold has been around forever, to the point where(more)
This is just my own little musings, but in the introduction in any profile page-I don't know what to put in that little box.

I mean, I know what you should stick in there-what normal people tend to stick in that little about me box that should defin(more)
"College has become a problem about equal to having an elephant in the living room. It's so big you just can't ignore it."

This massive creature is a lot like that roommate that starts out shy and becomes this terrible thing that will stampede if you look at(more)
Ah, to be well, not fat.
I can't really say skinny since I can't seem to remember if I ever was that before being fat.
It sucks. Being slightly overweight by some index and averages.
I try to eat healthy, but when healthy costs more and junk lives nex(more)
Kristine edges out from the forest edge, a shadow looms over, a squat zeppelin patrols silently overhead. She checks her grapple-gun and stiffen's her fingers in her leather gloves. The forest edge reveals a maddening scene that ends at the docks below. Ants are scurrying back and forth between(more)
I fell down the drainage pipe without a second glance as to my pursuers. They had not yet found the tracks leading me here, as to where here was, I was not certain. The pipe itself led downwards ever so slightly towards the river.
Los Angeles is mostly sunny.
In fact it's always sunny.
I walk in the early mornings and it's misty and fog rolls in from the coast and yet it's sunny.
It actually rained a few times but rain doesn't seem to last long in this desert.

There are(more)
It was always raining, against the window that is. The droplets made little pings and formed a rhythm as they danced along the surface of the glass. I watched in wonder as they cascaded down in rivulets and formed little streams.
My favorite past-time was to stare fixated at(more)
(Side-note: I'm back! Will continue to write for you guys.)

The man opened one puffy eye to look around, to look through the murky smoke filled haze he found himself in. Felt around and grabbed hold of something flat, taut-it was something he should have recognized, but could(more)
"No, the other way!"

I look up from moving the board along the saw-blade, inches away from removing a very missed thumb.

"What?" I yell. (more)
Was it hot enough you ask?

The sidewalk cracks emitted steam like fissures from Hell.
You had to carry icepacks just to walk in the shade for fear of dehydration.
Dogs and cats gave each other tongue baths to keep cool in the midday sun.
Every car throughou(more)
They were just like the others. Mean spirited, spiteful and at times, could kill a man forty yards out with just a glance. They swept up the townsfolk with disdainful glee, and gave not a notion to what the protectorate wanted.
What was wanted was a showdown, last man(more)
What is it about boiled eggs?

I mean aside from Easter, what is it that makes people want to boil an egg? (either soft boil or hard boiled) I for one have never gotten around eating anything but scrambled-yes I will eat the occasional sunny side up and(more)
I think of the Metallica song, the one about about that alter ego.

That little tiny voice in your head when your all alone in the candy aisle and your 50cents short when you want that candy bar.

That terrible feeling you get when you eat th(more)