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Worry mounts.
Fear bares its black jaw.
Shame forges its paralyzing mask.

And I lay my head on her breast —
in that most serene position (more)
The problem with globalization is
I hate it

I worked in my neighborhood today
I'll say it again
I'll have to think of doing something new,
pour milk on that cat's charmed prowling,
dog the footsteps of worms all day to dump
wriggling rings around obstinate robins
as a hoodoo entrapment,

In my morning, I hear people running by headlamp and smell witch hazel blooming in the dark. When I arrive at the Executive Hotel, Angel points to the steel and glass monster across Spring Street, "Who is this guy?"

"Biblioteca," I say, and for a moment(more)

Don't go back to the fountainhead.
We have already shaped the water
dipped from that eternal source.
Now we mix our cups. (more)
I am interested only in meals which begin with Fino sherry. O dessicated water of life, O cleansing salt, grant me a fresh and spare desert for a mouth, where all I should consume tonight will move in the mystical whirl of a Mohave facial tattoo during the rain(more)
Winter sun and bought a skillet.

The sea reaches up a bowl of iolite
in some drenched hand which doesn't
point the way. Pearl-masts bob as if
the narrow tracks of urban forest sprouted (more)
Dark peaks overture peach clouds
The belly is lean -
Fat trout nibble at the hook
They scatter when we move toward the window
to watch them -
the winter birds:
downy, simple brown and black, a surprise
of white when they fly.
Our secret trail
runs away from working
in the pasture where hairy ash
grow along the creek and
fall into a pickup
under the whine and chuckle of the chainsaw. (more)
Outside the window of a coffeehouse, dumbshowpeople -
gazing, closing space, caressing face, kissing, a rousing!
Mouths move not issuing Freud's steam language
nor worrying Herbart's threshold - (more)
They bruised the house red with a door hanger: United States' Census 2010. Aleida collapsed beneath overweight letters that pressed down a reminder of her life at the periphery. Tears with no place to belong pooled in her eyes. She gathered her self in her dirndl, patterned in stray(more)
A matter of outstanding debt. Eighty dollars owed a bar, so I walk frosted streets as winter freezes into temporal context. In empty lots, a world of crystal chandeliers in the beam of my flashlight - scotch broom wearing ice. The crown of a honey locust engulfs a street(more)
Labor as his currency, the prospector pushes a network of rail throughout the heart of the wilderness. Slowly sweat drips shining minerals into his pockets. Ore-scents waft along infrastructure - a golden-veined treasure map that crumbles at the soft touch of uncalloused hands - tickling the finely tuned noses(more)
From my basement, I unearthed a collection of small containers. I carried them into the sunlight, a mound of dirty boxes set at your feet. Unlikely seen as gifts, imagine my surprise! Body washed in water dipped from your waves. We fitted into the nightwhorl of a seashell, our(more)