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A lot of us are scouring for shelter, aren't we? We're afraid of the future while dwelling on the present. A lot of people like me make an effort to be ourselves. Meanwhile we're fully conscious that this doesn't even fool ourselves. We create standards that are subjective and(more)
730.4 hours seems a lot longer than a month. Whenever I see figures like that I begin to value my time for a brief moment. Then not long afterwards I begin to take my life for granted once again.
The heat weighed myself and my wife down. We laid on the springy motel bed refusing to look at the colorful bedsheets. The patterns made our heads spin and our stomachs knot. Still, we made no conscious effort smother the heat with the ceiling fan. We simply stared at(more)
Summer is dragging at its arid plateau, keeping the masses indoors sheltering themselves from the subsequent heat. To tackle these dire times when free time is being compromised by the fucking sun, I avoid the light at all costs and digress to the couch, slowly being swallowed bit by(more)
Thoughts accumulate while nothing is said. As the saying goes: think before speaking. Applying  this method of interaction to my everyday life is easy. However, I still need to get the speaking part down. Notions, insights, opinions, revelations, and observations well up like water in a clogged sink. It would(more)
Last night followed me throughout the day. Only now anecdotes and one-liners were replaced by groans and vitamin c tablets. In my torpor, I submitted  my eyes to the blinding pixels of a computer monitor. A spreadsheet of useless data was presented before me in all of its bland, sterile(more)