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'Well, at least the grass is greener', he said. I had to agree with him. I looked over the once parched land, and saw nothing but a sea of green. Maybe things weren't as bleak as I imagined. Maybe there was still hope. Hope. Without hope, we are nothing.(more)
The worst is over. The transformation was almost complete now. The only thing left for me to do, was to eat the stranger's heart. And then it was done.

I looked down at the floor, not even noticing the sea of blood surrounding the ripped up corpse o(more)
Just a little more, please. Oh, how I wish I hadn't asked for more of those sugary things. Why, why did no one refuse me? They thought they were doing a nice thing to me, but were in fact poisoning my body, turning it against me. After just one(more)
We exited the carriage, and walked up the pale limestone steps, passing two guards, garbed in dark blue and gold outfits. One of them stepped forward to challenge us, but the other put his hand out to stop his counterpart, all the while looking at my coat-of-arms. He bowed(more)
If only we hadn't frittered away all of our time. Before, we had too much of it to pay heed to how valuable it is - now we have too little to think about it. Oh, the irony. How many hours, nay, days, we spent playing video games, and(more)
'Your guess is as good as mine, son', he says to me. 'I dunno why any of this stuff be happenin' and if things will ever go back to what they were b'for. '

I nod in reply, and gaze out over the lonely, burning fields. No sig(more)
If you name something, its the first step to conquering it. Giving something a name gave you power over that thing. He shall be named Scooter. I chose this name, because it brings back funny memories. It takes away the seriousness and sinister nature of the man now called(more)
The timing has to be perfect. One half a second too early, and we'll live. One half a second two late, and we'll live.

We readied ourselves for it. Preparing to time it perfectly. And then we lunged. It was perfect. Our timing was so good, that w(more)
I looked up, through the swirling dust of the ancient tunnel, and saw light. The end was near. There is still hope to make it. I heard more rustling, and several thumps, and knew that the tunnel was collapsing behind. The ancient wonders of the hidden city will never(more)