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The first time I experienced reality happened while I was lying in the grass.

The blue sky had never seemed so clear.

The wind had never seemed so crisp. (more)
Drip, drip, drip~
I can feel the black ink slowly ooze out of me
Tinged with a crimson red
A tarnished soul bleeding out of an iron heart
Marked with scars
Which one carries my true feelings: (more)
Dark corner/
That's all it is/ but strangely enough
It has witnessed more/emotion and tears than
Any human being
I looked up at the sound of shuffling feet in the darkness.

"Who's there?" I called out. I took note of the tremor and hostility in my voice.
They speak to me through cold/ whispers
    Billowing/ drafts of voice
       Echoing, drifting
Past lives forgotten through time--
  Faces now empty, eyes unseeing/ (more)
"Take me dancing," she whispered to me softly.

The night air was cool on my skin, the wind sweet and melodic, flowing passionately with the sound of music coming from the open doors behind us. People swayed and stepped to the beat, in rhythm with the rich melod(more)
you have twelve people to choose from
eleven minutes to decide
  ten fingers to point with
   nine faces to disguise
    eight stories to be told
     seven memories to be shared (more)
"Get on this one."

My superior gestured towards me, then nodded towards the middle-aged woman lying on the ground, clawing at the cobblestone while other officers attempted to hold her down.

"Give me back my child!" she screamed. "Give me back what was mine!" The officers struggled(more)
Both of us were trapped, and neither of us could help the other. I now faced my worst fears. He now faced his worst enemy. I fought the mental battle, and he fought the physical.

Shaking, I stood unmoving as the furthest reaches of my mind threw fea(more)
twisted metal, burning rubble, smoke rises from the pitiful ashes of what was once a great civilization.

the final question races through my mind, searing words into my brain as my vision blurs into nothing but red.

-why? -

i walk around but there's(more)
It's been two weeks since the war ended, and all I can say is I'd rather have died on that battlefield than be home.

Insane? I thought so too. But maybe you'd think like me if your family treated you as if you'd never left. Maybe you'd think(more)
It didn't matter what might have been. What it would've been had she made the right decision...

Eri stood in the midst of a world of carnage, a single, dying rose in her hand; the last living thing on Earth besides herself.

What would've been had sh(more)
I feel it.

A boiling heat, deep inside me.

I feel my face grow hot and my hands clench into fists. My once stiff legs radiate energy and my sobs turn into fierce growls. I want to hit something. I want to kick something.

Destroy. Destroy(more)
two children passed by a hollow tree
empty on the inside, as they could see
dry as a raisin, thin as paper
there was no life left in this dying sleeper
the children were sad to see it go
this tree that had given them hope. (more)
Don't blink
Don't close your eyes for even
a second
Don't lose track of time
for one moment
Precious moments wasted away, (more)