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Mut'mok chewed on a piece of grass as he squatted over the tracks. He scratched chin, the rough feeling of his stubble under his fingers.

"What do you think we got here?" Mut'mok looked over and Chun'chun. Something had been stealing the bullfango's from the villiage - the(more)
Jonathan looked at the hedge clippers on the ground in front of him. Then stared at the man.

" want me to do what?"

The man pointing the gun at him was the biggest Japanese guy he'd ever met. A little sweat glistened on his bald head.(more)
A little old lady stands in front of you in line counting out a bag of pennies to deposit.
He coughed up blood and she wiped it off of his lips.

He squeezed her hand weakly and looked up at her. His vision was starting to fade.
If I were smart enough, I would've graduated college.
                      I still managed to fool someone into hiring me.

If I were good enough, I wouldn't feel like I'm not.
There was an eerie silence throughout the house. This was most definitely her house, but at the same time - it was wrong, darker the paint was peeling on the walls, the carpet was stained. It didn't feel right.  
Two men were whispering, he couldn't see or hear them.

"Wh- What do you want from me?" Tommy croaked. Tommy was a short man, a little heavy for his height. His hair was trimmed and combed one direction across his head. He was wearing a mustard yellow and(more)
There was a thudding, almost rhythmic. It was loud at first but it has started to grow quieter. No longer silent, but still a visually void of anything.  

'Where am I?' (more)
He looked at his watch, 3:04pm.
Resting his head against the seat of the silver Honda Accord, Alvin tried to relax. He closed his eyes and spent what felt like an eternity focusing on his breathing.
Ten stairs left.
He leaned against the wall. It hurt to breathe each step was agony. "Stop, Just take a moment to rest. Sit down and close your eyes." That voice wasn't helping.

Nine stairs left. (more)