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survivors hear

the helicopter

hovering above the trees
I love video games with all my heart! They're one of my favorite things in the world. Shooters, rpgs, racing, adventure, strategy... I'll play them all. They truly are a form of art--an interactive form.

I wish people would take video games seriously. To many, they are the(more)
memories and salt water

tear at old wounds

night swim
martini to the face

he stares, disbelieving, at his escaping prey

broken charm
I never really liked bowling. The balls are too heavy, the music is bad, everything is too loud.

However, there's an awesome fantasy-themed pinball machine at my local bowling alley. That was the first pinball game I ever played, and now I'm hooked. The blinking lights, the sound(more)
Do you think I'm ugly when you see me?

Sure, the maggots don't do much for first impressions. And the rotting flesh, the blank eyes, the dirtied and torn clothing, the gaping mouth, the broken and jagged teeth.

Perhaps you're right. Maybe I am disgusting.

He didn't often catch glimpses of himself--not in mirrors, not in the Caribbean waters he called his territory.

But sometimes, on a calm day, Davy Jones could peer over the railing down at his reflection.

All these centuries later, it still bothered him. The tentacles most o(more)

tear through dank hallways

choked off by cackles
salty wind lashes your face

men shout, sails snap taut, waves batter the hull

Caribbean's fury
skull cracked on pavement

brains glistening

bon appetit!
hunter and hunted


we dance towards death
shovel in fistfuls

but all the brains in the world

cannot sate your hunger
shotgun barrels stuck out windows

at encroaching, howling hordes

we should've taken the train
gas tank explodes

charred flesh

tastes a lot like burnt toast
on a whim

she drops the rifle--

braving teeth and undead claws