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I can't breathe. I can't swallow. I've waited so long for this, and now there's nothing. Nothing at all; for me, or for anyone else. It's almost to painful to even look at. How could something like this have happened?
"How can something like this have happened?" I repeat(more)
There is such a thing as a magical hourglass, one that can turn back time as far as you wish. It is three feet high, made of polished glass and dark wood, and filled with the most golden coloured sand you have ever seen.
Yeah, this story was suppose(more)
"You promised! You promised you wouldn't keep any more secrets! You promised!"
"I lied."
The sun is very pretty, glinting down into the water and reflecting up off the bottom. At the right time of day, it bounces off the mirror of the car and shines right on my face. Its always lovely warm and gentle, never being so harsh as to glare(more)
奴隷  -Japanese      
Esclavo  -Spanish
Slaaf  -Duch
奴隶  -Chinese
Schiavo  -Italian (more)

Have no idea where I am.
I never liked driving.
I've made it clear to hundreds of people, telling them again and again that I DON'T LIKE DRIVING.
None seems to listen. At least a week I get that dreaded phone call; "Hey, can you give me a ride?" or "We're going out tonight. Will(more)
I don't have the best memory, but there's a face that I can never remember.
It might be mine (which is entirely possible), but I really can't remember.
The most important thing I was told this Christmas, was to not drop anything. At all. Don't even drop a piece of paper. Everything had to be perfect, and I was to not mess it up by dropping a plate or cup or Christmas card.
That would be much(more)
I have never seen anything in my life.
Unless, of course, you count blackness, darkness, and emptiness. But you don't count that kind of stuff.
You can count colors, and depth, and perspective, but never emptiness.
All you see is color. (more)
A few years ago, I found a dead hawk in my backyard. I took a feather and brought it to the university to have it reduced to bones. In a week it was done, and I had the skeleton.
Its wing bones and legs were broken, snapped in half(more)
It's due tomorrow, and I'm still stuck, staring at the blank canvas that takes up half my wall.
"Hey," Cleo asks, lazily hanging over a chair and eating a cracker, slathered in jam. "When are you going to finish?"
I set down my paintbrush next to my untouched pai(more)
You know that little blinking line when you're writing on a computer, saying "Hello, I'm here! This is where you'll start writing next! Hello, I'm here!"
It bugs me so much- that little black line blinking in and out, making sure I know exactly where my words will appear(more)
I'm almost scared to take your hand.
I don't want to end up like the last girl, the last person that whose life you've broken and shredded and cracked in two because you got bored.
But right now, you seem so sweet, so gentle, so able to love.
It's dark, the moon hanging over the ocean and casting a silvery light through the few clouds. The captain went below to sleep long ago, carrying a half empty bottle of rum. According to the First Mate, it's now empty and the captain himself is snoring loudly.  Apparently it was(more)