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last night we mopped up the last of it on my mattress on the floor in a newold apartment in a building so close to the train it vibrates the walls every 12 minutes.

we met at a bar. i touched the air around your body.
again, we gaze. remember this dance? if we press hard enough, we will that we can will ourselves to the other side, where talk of part 2, of a better part 2 is the long arm of a hinge dredging dirt to the sky. see the splatter, the glorious(more)
going to war: to adopt a war mentality and apply it to the mundane parts of life. a war mentality is to transform this moment from job interview into I'm at war and at war I don't need food or water. I only need to wipe the sheen from(more)
"please don't call me she," K said before tying the sash on a leopard print rope.
I propped myself up onto my elbows on the thin dorm bed.
K was the first queer person I had dated. I want to write g as in girl, but K was insisti(more)
it wasn't anything special, just a single slab of hardwood shined up with varnish and beer stains. even so, it drew a crowd--after work, before work, instead of work.

"What can I get ya darling?" Rhonda called out from behind the bar, and before they could answer, sh(more)
"It's a monster."
"With no trees."
"And strange tentacles underwater snaking everywhere."
"It's one snarled mess of concrete and steel."
"And the tentacles are the subways." (more)
"why did they drown the first-born boys? why not the girls, too?"

"boys were more important back then. if your family had a house or any money, it would be passed down to the oldest son, so by drowning the oldest sons, the Egyptians were trying to shrink(more)
"Hey. How come I don't get broken candles in my grogger?"

"You got beans in your grogger. I'm out of beans, so some people get broken candles and some people get beans."

"It's because he's more Jewish. Hanukah candles are more Jewish than beans."

"Yeah. Hanukah(more)
This apple is a pink lady imported from Washington.
Do you think it'll work for the pie?
Mmm....Definitely not. Too tasty. Try it. It must be something in Washington, something in the soil.
Hey aren't you imported from Washington?
Imported is a strong word. I was raised in th(more)
Do you remember Nemo, the little green fish? Our storm which dominated all air space (Ellen and Girls and New Girl and all of the things we talk about when we aren't freaking out about weather) was named Nemo, Greek for 'no one'.
"Do you have red cherries here? I'm making a pie." Linda approached Cheryl with great caution. Cheryl was her neighbor. She should introduce herself to her. It was the polite thing to do. People told Linda that she should be aware that Cheryl was volatile, an unstable substance. An(more)
dress like a bank robber, black masked, small holes for eyes, and the chill of the winter sun will stay away. right? enough layers and walking becomes a challenge, and biking an awkward lesson in the limitations of down coats (bulky, rides up, revealing a thin swatch of lower(more)
if i could do anything i would believe in writing again  
leave the jewish kids to teachers    
who with everything    
believe in the rightness of this cubicle  
muted lime green walls no  
partitions which according to the safety(more)
The storm surged when i walked outside my skin was pulling away from me the lights flickered the map on my computer of danger encroaching needed refreshing often

i filled pitchers, ate leftovers, brought the plants in
curled into the blanket

"we're watching brothers and sisters,"(more)
The steaming pot of indecipherable dumpstered vegetables had finally softened into a tumeric and curry tinged mush.

Lichen fished out a cowbell from under the back tire of his current home, an old schoolbus turned activist mobile with the help of spray paint and am impressive collection of(more)