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As I began to come to consciousness, my eyes opened to a white and gray blur. My other senses began to pick up details of the room. The loud beeping beside me, the biting smell of disinfectant, and the rough texture of a paper gown against my rear. (more)
As soon as Jason saw the blue light on his ceiling, he closed his eyes tightly and pretended to no avail. He flinched as he heard a soft, willowy voice.

"Jason. We need your help." (more)
Suddenly, Justin realized how long he had been sitting on the floor, staring at "her" lifeless form leaning against corner of his closet.

He wondered...should he even think of her as a..."her" anymore? Or was she once again an "it," the blank Personal Partner he had purchased four(more)
"Can you turn the vibrate function off?"

As I stood, arms spread and legs wide, I knew that there had been more awkward moments in my life. As the teenage part-timer who was unlucky enough to be assigned to the "Personal Technology" department maneuvered around my bare legs(more)
"Hello, Katie."  

As I tossed and turned in tangled sheets, I tried not to think of the voice I heard earlier. I tried not to think of it's cryptic, robotic qualities. I tried not wondering...who exactly was whispering through my phone? I had no missed calls, no record(more)
Zac leaned back against the wooden park bench he was sitting on, and began to become aware of the sensations of the season surrounding him. The cool fall breeze, the crackling of circling dry leaves, and the gentle, earthy smells of early autumn.
Dear James,

This journey is all but a bust now. The trail has gone cold. Africa hasn't been exactly a paradise, and I miss home. I miss you. Diamond or not, I need you in my life, and I will be home soon.
Love, Emily

I backed out of the living room, slowly, smiling and nodding  and avoiding eye contact. Sandra's friends took no notice as I slid out of the room and into the hallway. Once I knew I was out of sight, I turned and rushed up the staircase.
"It's...some sort of metal."

Tally's mouth hung slightly open as she leaned over to squint more closely at my forehead. She seemed more amused than surprised.
It's Wednesday.

A new office supply girl joined the office.

She carts around blue pens and black pens. She carts around envelopes and stationary. She carts around straight-backed, wearing heels as if she was a woman, and not a girl. She dresses in a white blouse a(more)
*Ding Dong*  

Jeremy rushed down the stairs at the sound of the doorbell. He was in such a rush, he didn't noticed his toe catch the edge of the 2nd to last step. Luckily, his chest broke his fall.  

"UMPH," he coughed loudly. Then he laughed. He(more)
"He just won't stop."

Terry wiped away tears from her eyes with the back of her hand. Her son's chest rose and fell in sync with the respirator attached to his bed, outlined by the moonlight from his window and the green blinking lights from his life support(more)
"Are you almost done? This is taking forever."    

Jenny sighed loudly. Her lips tightened to the side of her mouth, and she planted her palms on her hips to underscore her irritated look.    

I couldn't help but smile at her childish pose."We're almost done."(more)

Every step I took forward was greeted with the whine of the floorboards. My hands groped along the walls, feeling the dry and crumbly wallpaper rub against my palms and finger tips. The walls were lit with candelabras, but their light struggled through the shadows tha(more)
"Now seating group 4."  

Jim's glanced up at the attendant on the PA system without lifting his head. Why do they always wait for me to get engrossed in this dumb game before calling my seating group? Jim sighed, powered off his phone, and rolled his head aroun(more)