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Alice leaned back as the triumphant announcement played on screen. Her eyes fell closed, and she let out a bored sigh.

As Alan quietly turn the lock on his bedroom door, he could feel the slippery sweat sliding between his fingers and the small knob. He knew his roommates should all be at work by now...but it was better to be safe than sorry.

He chuckled. Was(more)
The signs of civilization are long gone.

It's too dark to see anything beyond the white headlights of my dad's sedan. But hell, the darkness hardly matters. Even if I had the luxury of sunlight, I'm much too timid to look beyond what's in front of me. I'v(more)
The days of our youth were relaxed and still. The taste of the clear evening air on our tongues, the calm and rhythmic rustling was so unyielding to change, you would swear that the sights and sounds of the summer leaves were carved into stone.
"Are you finished, sweetheart?"


"...Isabel? Are you finished? Can you hand me your plate?"

Aunt Vero looks puzzledly at me, then at my Dad, then back at me. "What's wrong honey? Did the food make you sick?" Aunt Vero let out a giggle. "I knew(more)
Straight brown hair. Large green eyes. Red lines in the whites, possibly over-stressed.

My hand quickly slammed down ENTER on the keyboard in front of me.
"I just don't understand how you got t-to that price," stuttered Mr. Lehman.

I couldn't make out much in the faded, flickering red light of the underground lobby, but even with my limited vision, I couldn't help but feel a small twinge of pity for Mr. Lehman. (more)

As Harold began to read the terms he was agreeing to through this procedure, he felt a strange pressure in his head, like a vein was about to pop. His senses flared a bit: the pages left a translucent red trail as he flipped(more)
Inside the Dean's office, Ron felt the cold, harsh aura of authority and discipline. Red and white squares made up a thin horizontal line around the room, sandwiched between dry, grey paint. If he had the guess, Ron would say that the paint had been made by grinding up(more)

Roland felt a sharp pang in his head as he snapped from his uncomfortable slumber. He held his throbbing forehead in his hands and groaned...the rocking of the ship was too violent for *this* method of transport.

Curled up into a fetal position, his neck and(more)
Red, shimmering satin pants.

Red, shimmering, satin shirt.

Blue, shimmering, satin walls.
In the light of the flickering candles, I could faintly see the designs and engravings on the walls of Victor's chamber. Hundreds of archaic Victor likenesses, performing hundreds of divine tasks.

Some showed him healing, a pointed star shining from his hands, easing the kneeling afflicted before him.(more)
As Jake ripped the door open to the bar, he was greeted by loud shouts and cheers. He cursed under his breath - he knew he had missed an interesting play.

Jim's eyes stung as the eyelids peeled apart, and he could almost hear the crust crackling and pulling at the skin. Light filtered through the blinds, and he pushed himself up onto his side and looked down on his pillow.
We sat on the couch, some old sitcom that we had once found moderately amusing was blaring on the TV. It was an old episode, one we had seen a few times.

There was so much to say, and yet, why say it? Would it serve any purpos(more)