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One morning Jason woke up and decided to no longer be unhappy. "I'll have a tag sale," he said, quite sensibly.

The act of dividing up his negativity and positivity into separate piles took the better part of the morning. He used some of his Creativity to design(more)
"I think we lost it," coughed Sand, her back to the wrought iron door which separates the Hall of Secrets from the Hall of Artifacts. Secrets were kept in the lowest part of the Great Library, and the three junior librarians now had a pretty good idea of why(more)
She reclined lazily and dipped the toes of one of her feet into the water; the heat by the river bank heavy at mid-day. Thoughts came with decreasing urgency as sleep came over her, and the slow, sugary retreat of conscious thought that she had hoped for gave way(more)