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Tom had always wanted to run his own hotdog delivery service using a home made rocket, to save on petrol prices. His competitors wouldn't have ever considered a rocket. It gave him an edge he liked to think.

After graduating with his 1st degree hons in Canon Powe(more)
It's just how I see things, I told the shrink. I can't help it, I've tried to imagine grey layers swirling amongst darker and lighter mists of understanding and existence. But anything other than black or white just doesn't make sense to me. It's like math.. I went on.(more)
Here we come
You and I
Here together
In this time.

Lets make it good (more)
George slipped silently asleep next to his wife of 58 years and died peacefully. He hadn't been rich, hadn't been poor. Worked hard since he was 14 and retired at 70.

He loved his alotment and his wifes cheese cake. George didn't do confrontation and he wasn't to(more)
In my garden
On the sun?
In my bed
snug warm and fed.

I dread walking the dog I really do. It's totally irrational but that's me for you. Once I get going I'm fine it's just the initial thought of it like getting out of bed, you know you have to but would prefer to stay tucked up in the covers.(more)
Reginald Wormington the Third was gliding his way around a deep rain filled pothole on the lane by Five Pig Farm.
He wore a white collar, a red bow tie and his Grandfather's grey top hat.
I love to lay awake facing the window with the soft half light filtering in. To listen intently to the dawn chorus. Faintly as first always hardly there, like whispers.
The chirping noise gets louder, and closer. It fills me with strength and hope for the coming day.
22nd July 1987.
Ric said I couldn't go to Sarah's party at her parents beach house and mom didn't even try to be on my side. The only way I could go was over his dead body.
I guess for once in his life, he was right.
Did you know that time has a name and his name is Nicholas or Nick to the likes of his friends. I didn't believe it either. Of course I had to admit, that in the first place I hadn't considered that time needed a name, but thinking about it(more)
We all should feel guilty.
It's just a fact.
A fact most of us clearly, willingly in denial about.

Life is given freely.
We are loved unconditionally. (more)
"Stupid, stupid!!, they know the roof slopes, they know it's a concrete floor, they know babies can't get back up, stupid, idiot seagulls and their babies who can't fly properly yet!!!".

Ruth sat at her desk twiddling the pen in her fingers, it felt familiar and smooth. She wanted to write something having come this far.
A silent tear ran down her now wrinkled cheek as she scrabbled for the words inside her mind. After all these years, she had(more)
"I'm sorry Dave, she's not coming. Her mum says come and pick your stuff up in a couple of days but no mention of a sorry, so I added that in mate". Dave stood motionless, he knew he should look devastated, maybe even fall to the ground unable to(more)
Timkins was a non person, self confessed of course. He despised his fellow race and would mentally rebuke them frequently.
He'd sworn as a child if he ever came into money he would move far, far away from this insipid race and live contented forever in his own company(more)