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They've told you you aren't smart enough. You aren't tall enough. You aren't pretty enough. You aren't skinny enough. You aren't muscular enough. You aren't fast enough. You're not hot enough. You aren't original enough. You're not normal enough. You don't talk right. You don't wear the right clothes.(more)
A moment is a fleeting, transient thing; unquantifiable. There is no set number of moments in a second, an hour, a day, a lifetime.

Human beings love abstraction like the 'moment'. We love to see things that aren't really there, whether it's an imaginary and arbitrary length o(more)
I sat in a hammock in the northwoods of Wisconsin.

Music was flowing through my headphones, mingling with the smoke swirling around the campsite. My immediate area was pierced by brilliant sunbeams, streaming down through an emerald canopy of ash and oak.

It was summer, I w(more)
We are constantly modifying our language, even to the point of  insanity. How did 'raspberry' become "razberry"? Alas, I suppose it is a truly human endeavor to change the world around us, even if what we are changing was ours originally.