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Did you see what you made me when you called me a failure? Could you imagine that it would turn me into what I am today? Could you see that every word that impressed that I was not good enough would burn itself into my brain and that every(more)
"I need to leave," she whispers, the first rays of sun creeping across the horizon into the small bedroom that has become like a home to her.

He stirs, mumbling that she never stays long enough for him to see her in the morning light. Long enough t(more)
There is a world I cannot see. It is the world stirring behind my eyes, one that cannot even be fathomed entirely by the eye within the mind. It is the realm of imagination, ungoverned by the laws of nations and the laws of order. It is free, chaotic,(more)
He always thought they were too smart for their own good. They would over analyze situations, and it never got them in to any more danger than incorrectly guessing how a suspect would react because the suspects never thought as logically as they did.