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Alex goin out
That's where I sit and think too much. Think about you too much. You're right next to me.
And the way you drive... Ah... You startle me, frighten me, make me yell out in surprise as you put on your madman hat and just go, like there are no(more)
Answerless riddles are mating with my squirmish thoughts
they swirl and ferment inside my skull; pulsating neurons in my head
I feel it before I hear it, as the laughter bubbles up from within me
but there is nothing to find amusing, and my hope lay dying, now dead(more)
MY eyes,
open wide, and
unblinking, yet
my vision is
a blurred haze
of perception, (more)
my heart mutates from a vital organ into a stiletto-fast, violently hammering, angry, beating drum...
my stomach fills with a thousand and three madly fluttering, imaginary butterflies in less than half a second's time...
my breath intake commences an intense racing, from slow and steady, to rapi(more)
For a long time now, I have lived with a dirty, shameful little secret.
(Well, it may not actually be all that little, but we'll just overlook that for the time being...)
I have a history filled with a number of different, let's call them addictions, shall we...? I'v(more)
Everything has become about him. I feel as though I have nothing else left to say; nothing else left to give. He has left me tattered and torn from all the things I was before, yet, I couldn't think of anything else; anywhere else I'd rather be... Tear me(more)
Stop. Just stop.
Spin me around.
Let's start this whole thing over.
This time I will tell you I love you.
This time I won't be afraid.
Rejection, humiliation, denial... (more)
I've been staring at the ceiling, contemplating about this guy and the crazy, monumentally-sized passion he's caused to build up inside of me . And thinking that at any moment now, the intensity from its presence will be overwhelming all of my internal sensors so viciously that I'll be(more)
He's in all of my dreams. I'm starting to lose my grip on reality and I'm terrified. If I don't go to sleep soon, it's all going to be like a dream, where everything is, but nothing is real. I'll just keep chasing him, and he'll just keep slipping(more)
Sitting on the couch, knees to her chest, pushing her arms she holds wrapped around her tight to her belly.  The nauseous persists, despite her attempts to deny, to ignore it's presense.  Does she go get one of those tests that come in those little cardboard boxes, so devoid of feeling(more)
Who is that girl, sitting there silent, distant look in her eyes?  She isn't me.  I would have somewhere else to go and something else to do.  I'm not one to question or be lost.  What now?  I would never have to ask.  I wouldn't just hide behind that glazed expre(more)